Oh so you think death is beautiful huh? rolls eyes read this rant

Chapter 1

Oh just let me tell you just how "beautiful" death is!

YOU DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT DEATH IS!!!!!! DEATH IS NOT A BEAUTIFUL THING!!! YOU ARE SAYING THAT SO THAT YOU CAN FIT INTO THE EMO CLASS OR CAUSE YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT DEATH IS!!!! IM SICK OF SEEING NICKNAMES SAYING I LOVE DEATH, OR BEAUTIFUL DEATH, CUASE LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING, DEATH IS YOU FLIPPIN ENEMY! DEATH IS A SPIRIT!! Life was perfect until Adam ate the frit and then death entered in! There wasnt going to be any death at all untill Adam are the fruit! No death, no depression, death came to destroy your life and everyone else's! DONT YOU FLIPPIN GET IT?!?!?! WELL YOU KNOW WHAT??? JESUS BEAT DEATH AND THAT MEANS SO HAVE I!! DEATH IS ABOUT AS UGLY AS SIN ITSELF!!! DEATH IS OUT TO DESTROY YOU AND YOU THINK THAT YOU 2 ARE BEST BUDS! WELL DEATH HATES YOU!!! DEATH IS EVIL!! DEATH IS A GATEWAY TO HELL! WHICH PET ME TELL YOU IS WORSE THAN THE LITTLE PITTY PARTY YOU ARE GOING THROUGH(note: I know some of you have real problems, but im talking about the emo wannabes, so they act like they love death) NOW UNLESS YOU ARE WITH ME AND HAVE BEATEN DEATH, THEN WE NEVER REALLY DIE! THAT IS WHY I SAY I HAVE BEATEN DEATH!!!! im not trying to sound arrogant, but it just irritates me to see all these people saying that. The bible says that his people die because lack of knowledge, so Im sorry if I offended you all, but man this gets on my nerves...
You don't know what true darkness is untill you burn in hell, and I would like to prevent that:-)


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