Reasons Why Quibblo Is Better Than Facebook

If I get attacked over a website, it doesn't really matter becuz we all have our own opinions. I just felt like sharing this lil' rant out there. :)

Chapter 1

Mini Rant

OK, Quibblonians. I hope you don't mind my debate on this one. Here I will share a few reasons on why Quibblo is better than Facebook. I've experienced Facebook, it was alright but when some people used to live with me, it was annoying how their laptops kept beeping & ringing or whatever. And as I checked it out--silly FarmVille requests flooded their walls. All I can say is WOW.

Reason 1: On Quibblo, you don't always see girls half-naked in the mirrors & complaining about how ugly they are, even if they know they aren't. I'm tired of seeing my sister posting "selfies" about what she wore to a night-out or to work (on FB not Q). I love her & all, but when it comes to Facebook, all you'll ever see is mad responses to her ex & self posts. Gahh.

Reason 2: On Quibblo, you don't always or never see posts that pop up every 2 seconds or minutes saying "Just woke up..." "Just went to the bathroom..." "Just took a nice shower..ahhhh" or even "Just ate at Olive Garden". Also, I don't even CARE if Jim just ate cake with his fiancé at Olive Garden, I don't CARE if Bob just got a nice massage, & I don't CARE if Lynn just went to the gym. I don't care! Simple as that, Facebook isn't a personal diary. I miss the good ol' days when people kept privacy to themselves, amirite? :)

Reason 3: When I was scrolling on my mom's FB the other day on her phone, I noticed angry left & right-winged political posts complaining about Obama--seriously, what did he ever do? Oh, he supports marriage & feminist rights; it seems like you had it rough. Also, if you're religious, thats fine, I am too, but I don't go around on every single friend's wall saying "Like for Jesus, Ignore for Satan!" & other junk. Facebook is an online service, NOT a church service. Save that for Sunday, please! {No offense, but I think we should just keep our religious & political views to ourselves at some times. I just don't think it suits Facebook much.} Reason? You don't see Quibblo daily-posting angry whiny Obama rants.

Lastly, Reason 4; having your profile pic changed almost every single DAY. Alright I know we can do whatever we want, but calm down & respect what you have. I knew a friend who changed hers almost every 2 hours. I'm like...???

That's the end of my rant for now, maybe I should make a rant book with different rants for each chapters? I dunno. Peace out, my awesome Quibblo potatoes! :)


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