The Weeping Angels Came (improved A LOT! :D)

Kierra liked Doctor Who, but she never imagined that it was all real. In the past she realizes what's going on... and joins an organization that involves facing her worst fear. Daily.

Chapter 1

The End of Normal

"Don't forget there's spaghetti in the microwave!"

"Bye, mom!" She replied impatiently.

"And I'm going to lock the door!"

"I know! You should go or you'll be late for the plane!" Kierra urged.

She'd never been alone for more than a day before. The girl was certainly old enough at seventeen, but her parents had never bothered. The day her dad had won the lottery changed everything. Today was their 20th anniversary, which meant that they were going on a vacation without her.

Kierra listened to the door lock, then fist-pumped. "Doctor Who time!" She screamed, grabbing the tv remote. Her favorite season was the second one, which she'd watched around 6 times, but only four times non stop.

She popped the complete new doctor who, all seven seasons, and pressed 'play second season.'

The theme song started playing. This song was the most listened to on Kierra's iPod, but she never got tired of it. In fact, she stood up and danced every time.

The tenth doctor appeared in his tardis, crashing into buildings and then passing out. "I LOVE YOU DAVID TENNANT" the girl shouted at the tv. She had never been able to whoviate so much in her own house before. If her parents had seen her then, they would have called a psychiatrist.

Speaking of whoviating... What was she doing without her blue sonic screwdriver replica? Kierra ran the carpeted stairwell and into her bedroom. Doctor who posters littered the wall. White converse shoes were lying at odd angles on a chair. A stuffed dalek toy stood quietly in one corner of the room.

Kierra opened her closet door. Hanging in the closet was the prize of her collection: a three hundred dollar replica of the doctor's trench coat. It had taken her three Christmases of asking for only money and endless summer days of mowing lawns to get it. She reverently drew the sonic screwdriver from the inside pocket, running her other hand over the jacket material.

A life-size weeping angel was also in the closet. Kierra had made that as a stone-carving project at a creative workshop. She was quite the artist. The thing covered its eyes, the perfect image of an evil doctor who creature. It had been extremely useful at doctor who marathons with friends, although not as much in the middle of the night alone.

Kierra blinked at the statue, just to prove it wasn't real. It was hard for whovians, because the doctor was so amazing that you wished he was real, and if he was real then all the creepy stuff was real too. But of course it wasn't. The statue kept its exact position. Kierra sighed and went back downstairs, sonic-ing random door knobs on the way down.

The girl sat down on the couch, accidentally pressing the skip button on the remote with her butt.

The doctor was on again, wearing glasses. It was the end of the episode blink. He leaned into the screen, saying the words of warning kierra had heard thousands of times before.

"Don't blink. Good luck."

A chill went down her back. Kierra glanced behind her. This episode always made her paranoid. There was nothing there.

Hold on... What was that in the corner of her vision? On the stairs?

Doctor who isn't real, she abruptly began chanting. Kierra's heart sped up. She didn't dare to look closely at the thing she could see the tip of. It was probably a rock she'd knocked over from... Somewhere... Or a hallucination. She'd had one before, thought a chair looked like a dalek. Almost had a heart attack. Laughed about it later.

Kierra picked up her iPhone off of the coffee table and looked at the picture of the doctor she'd set as the background. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts....

The remote got sat on again as she shifted her weight. It must have, because she rewinded a half hour, and Sally sparrow was in the creepy house with the doctor warning her not to blink.

Kierra couldn't ignore coincidences like that. She whirled around and screamed.

The weeping angel from her closet was in I'm-about-to-eat-you position, inches away from her face. The girl stared blankly for a moment, her heart stopped in her chest.

Then it started again, and kierra backed away as quickly as possible towards the back door. No time to wonder right now. Just escape the weeping angel and look for the doctor. Because if this statue had almost killed her just now, then she would eat her sonic screwdriver if he didn't exist.

Kierra was no good at not blinking. She actually blinked more when she was nervous. The weeping angel kept within six feet of her. She couldn't help it.
This has to be the most terrifying experience of my entire life, thought Kierra hysterically.

"What do you want?!" She screamed. She knew it could hear her... Couldn't it? Or could it only hear when it wasn't being observed?

"The doctor isn't here! I don't have a tardis! Leave me alone! I carved you!"

Thank goodness it was daytime, kierra shuddered. She couldn't stand it if the lights flickered. Was she losing her mind? No. She couldn't take chances with something as deadly as this.

Sliding open the back door, kierra slipped out, blinking again. She almost shut the door, except for a single stone hand reaching out. She stared at it in horror. "I hate you!" She breathed. don't look into its eyes, she reminded herself. oh my gosh, this is real. It's all real. I'm doomed.

The fence. Could she reach the fence? Could she get into the street through the gate? Was it locked?

Kierra opened her camera app and snapped one of the weeping angel. Hmm... FaceTime? Her friend could take turns blinking with her. The observation rule should work with cameras... Wait, no. It didn't in the time of angels. Kierra opened the photo of the weeping angel. She could email it to all her whovian friends. What would they think of it?

Suddenly the picture of the weeping angel was reaching out of the screen. Kierra dropped it and yelled. The back door was open now. Could she outrun that statue? Statue/s/ ? If only the front door wasn't locked!!

Kierra suddenly remembered that the iPhone camera could work as a mirror.

"DANG IT!" She shouted. "Stupid, idiotic, ugly statues! I'll sonic you!!!"

The screwdriver didn't work. Of course it didn't.

Kierra burst into tears. "Help! Help! HELP ME!"

She blinked again. They got closer. "Doctor," Kierra started blubbering. "DOCTOR, IF YOU EXIST, SAVE ME! SAVE ME YOU STUPID BOW TIE WEARING TIMELORD!!!"

Silence. She blinked again. Kierra was cornered. How had that happened? Could she survive a jump over this side of the fence? It had to be at least five stories down. She couldn't die. She had a boyfriend. Doctor who episodes to watch. Halloweens/excuses to act like the doctor all day. The tears blinded her. The touch of a stone hand was the last thing Kierra felt before she was sent hurling through time and space.

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