Love (An original collection of mini stories)

Each Chapter will be based off a song that i really love ^^
the lyrics will be at the beginning of each story and the name of the chapter is the name of the song
The stories will all be linked in some way and things that make no sense in one story will be explained in another so please stick with it :)

Enjoy ^^

Chapter 1

Ruth With Me

Won't you try?
Just take my hand and with me
I vow to never let you regret...let's go.
Run run run with me

We have confused the loveless brilliance on a Solitude night
You are in the circle of smiles
I wanted to, But can't say "Hi"

Counting down to 12:00
It is arriving, The End, so let's finish this

Won't you try?
Just take my hand and with me
I vow to never make you regret...let's go.
Run run run with me
Even in this world of emptiness, if I'm with you, I feel like I can love

All that you should give up on
Are too much for your Tiny shoulder
I will take half of them
So just lean onto me right now

You wondered why it has not been easy
I understand
I was in the same way

Won't you Try?
It is alright. Now, with me.
I will shoulder the past which can never be erased
Run run run with me
I will never let these lonely thoughts appear again so don't be afraid and Run with me

There's no one around anymore
The moon will be watching over us
There is no need to rush
I will keep waiting for you forever.

Won't you try just holding my hand?
Together with fingers intertwined
Run run run with me
From now on, count to One, Two Three
A future filled with love, I'll make you see
Run run run with me

Won't you try?
Just take my hand and with me
I vow to never make you regret...let's go
Run run run with me

Won't you try?
It is alright. Now, with me
I'll shoulder the past which can never be erased
Run run run with me

Even in this world of emptiness, I will be the one to love you so Run with me

I remember the day we first met. I was walking home from a long shift at work and noticed a slumped figure leaning against a lamppost. At first I ignored them, and instead glanced up at the dark sky, the moon shining in it's lonely brilliance. I let out a content sigh and the person leaning against the lamppost laughed. I turned and studied them. I quickly realised it was a male and he wore a long, black duster and from what I could see his hair was a deep brown that had clearly not been washed in a few days.
"Did you know it's a full moon in two weeks?"
His voice was gruff and sounded dry. "Yes."
There was a silence and he pushed himself away from the lamppost, making his way towards me. I backed away until my back hit a wall and he laughed again. "It's the coat right?"
"The coat. It makes people think i'm a pervert." Only then did I notice the dark circles under his eyes and the tired-lifelessness in the light, grey colour.
"If I thought you were a pervert I would have run away by now."
He laughed again and nodded once before lifting his head to stare up at the moon. "I love looking up at night, it always gives me a sense of peace. You know?"
I smiled and we both stood there in companionable silence, looking up at the moon.
It carried on like that. Every time I finished a shift he would be there, leaning on the lamppost waiting for me. We still didn't know each other's names but it was as if we'd made a silent, mutual agreement that we wouldn't tell.
Each time I saw him I would feel a stirring in my chest and my stomach would feel like it was filled with butterflies. Instead of looking at the moon, I found myself studying the features of his face. It was well-sculpted. He had an angular jaw and prominent cheekbones. He would have made a good model or something. His grey eyes shone in the moonlight and I found myself becoming more and more attracted to this mysterious man. I knew very little about him but his personality drew me in, he always had a kindness in his voice and a gentle, graceful way of moving.
"Tomorrow night is the full moon."
I blinked and blushed, suddenly realising he'd been looking at me staring at him. "It's been two weeks already?"
He nodded and looked back up at the moon. "Don't you feel that just by looking up your troubles don't matter anymore? The weight seems to lift from your shoulders."
"What weight are you carrying?"
"Too much. Far too much."
Sympathy swelled through me and I reached out to place my hand on his arm. "If you want to talk I can listen."
He put his hand over mine and gave it a gentle squeeze. "Thank you. I appreciate your kindness."
I looked down at his large hand over mine and felt the butterflies in my stomach once again.
The warmth from his skin seeps into my hand and I felt as if I was the one having weight lifted from my shoulders. "I should be getting home soon."
I felt his gaze on me and a blush spread over my cheeks.
"You never stay past midnight. You're not Cinderella by any chance?"
I laughed and gestured to myself. "Cinderella changes back after midnight, not before."

Once I got home I threw my coat on the sofa and threw myself down on it. I put my arm over my eyes and sighed, the silence became over-whelming and it was nothing like the comfortable silences I shared with the mysterious man. This one was lonely and oppressive, I let tears fall from my eyes and stretched my legs out. I turned onto my side and stared at the empty wall, my thoughts being consumed by the beautiful grey eyes of the man I had grown to love.

I woke to the sound of someone pounding on the door. I groaned, not realising I had drifted off to sleep. I stumbled to the door and pulled it open to reveal a man in a black duster coat and shining grey eyes. My eyes widened in shock and he smiled his brilliant smile. He reached out his hand to me. "Run with me."
I could only stare in shock and he laughed before grabbing my hand and pulling me from my apartment and down the hallway. I couldn't even protest as we ran down the stairs and out into the cool night air. He stopped and turned to me. "Cinderella's out past 12."
I laughed and tried to catch my breath. "That's breaking the rules."
He gripped my hand tighter and looked at me earnestly. "It's alright. Now with me."
He placed a gentle kiss on my forehead and ran his fingers through my hair. "I will never let these lonely thoughts appear again so don't be afraid and run with me."
I looked down at our hands, our fingers were intertwined and I could feel my pulse racing at the thought of finally getting away from everything. "Where?"
"Anywhere you want to go."
I looked up at the moon and let out a long breath. "Let's go."

I realise that this chapter on it's own makes pretty much no sense, you'll have to wait for chapters to come to find out the answers to your questions- hope you enjoyed it!


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