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Chapter 1


In a dark and dangerous world that use to be full of life and freedom, society had become corrupt and everything crumbled into tiny pieces. The evils of the past like slavery have came back, stereotypes of women being "weak" and "useless" are at all time high, crime is so bad that jails and prisons are full and the government had to reopen Alcatraz up. A group of 6 teenagers, each from a different part of the United States, have their story and somehow along the way, they meet each other and together, the 6 have only a few choices in front of them.

1. Accept what society has become.
2. Create a plan to escape the United States and go somewhere else in the world.
3. Establish a plan to fix the society, and make it back to how it used to be.
4. Die trying.

Questions that rise up are: Is the society too corrupt to be fixed? Is there any hope left? Will the 6 teenagers be able to actually do something about it? Can history from the late 20th century and 21st century be rewritten and actually be part of a life that they can learn to know?

Remember: this story will take place in the future, the year is 2105, and technology has stopped completely. No music, no computers, no lighting, nothing. There hasn’t been anything for five years since the turn of the century and since that five years everything was turned upside down.

I need fast writers who won’t give up this story, so please, if you’re interested, don’t back out and write on your cue. You’ll get 2 weeks to write a chapter and please create a diverse character from the rest.

Character Information
Nickname: (Optional)
Age: (13-19)
Appearance: (only have one thing that’s clearly visible and slightly different)
Personality: (needs negative and positive aspects)
Family Background:
Where Do They Live:
Love Interest: (Optional)

My Character
Name: Norelle Chasity White
Nickname: Elle
Gender: Female
Age: 16 turning 17
Appearance: Long, normal wavy chocolate brown hair, bright teal eyes, fair skin, faint freckles splattered across her face, 5’5, 130 lbs (Average weight), usually wears jeans and t-shirts with sneakers.
Personality: Stubborn, Anxious, Sensitive, Shy, Moody, Humble, Caring, Hardworking, Quiet, Helpful, A Listener, A Dreamer, Hopeless Romantic, Sometimes viewed as ditzy, and Calm, when angered though, watch out.
Strengths: Doesn’t Judge and is able to think clearly in tense situations
Weaknesses: When her temper is released (it’s very rare) but beware, has anxiety attacks from time to time
Family Background: Mom died in 2099 from Cancer, lives with her dad and 5 older brothers, the oldest (Nathan) is in jail for setting a fire on the church, the other four are still at home and are considered judgmental and cruel. (Nix, Nick, Noah, and Nell). Her brothers and dad are the reason she runs off.
Where Do They Live: She’s originally from Missouri
Love Interest: A male character, if one is willing.

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