New Time, New Annette

This is for Writing Contest 23. I would appreciate it greatly if you voted, promoted, and told your friends I will try to make this very funny and entertaining for you all. Thank you!

Chapter 1

Heart Attack

It started off as just another rainy Spring evening on April 1st, 1985 in the small town of Madisonville, Kentucky. The rain hit the metal roof with a soft put put, the thunder echoing through the empty air, as if someone just got a strike in a bowling tournament. On of the towns citizens, fifteen year old Annette Coleman, stood washing her new Ryman china plates, her six year old boombox blasting her favorite song, "Yesterday" by the Beatles.
"Oh, I believe in yesterday," Annette sung, swaying to the orchestra playing in the background, scrubbing a green plate. She started having trouble breathing, but she wasn't worried, this had been happening a lot lately, and nothing had happened. She finished drying all the dishes and set them in the crate next to the double sink, and sat down. Annette was felling odd. She hadn't gotten this out of breath before. She wiped her forehead with a dishcloth, taking off the sweat that had appeared there. Sweating. That hadn't happened either. There is definitely something wrong with me, she thought. Her parents had gone to the store and left her with her two year old sister, Kailyn, who was asleep. Annette got up to call 911, pushing herself up with the arm of the chair. Her legs buckled up as she reached for the cordless phone laying on the tan counter. Annette grabbed for it as she fell on the hard wooden floor. Dialing the number, she wiped more sweat from her upper lip.
"Hello, what is your emergency?" said a cherry yet serious voice coming from the other line.
"H-help! I don't know what is wrong with me! I can't breath, I am sweating and I'm r-really d-dizzy." Ann replied.
"What is your name and where are you?"
"A-annette C-olem-man and 458 Salview Street."
"We will have an ambulance there as soon as we can, Annette."
Beep beep. She hung up, dropping to the floor. She was going to die. What about her baby sister? Would they take her to her parents?
"Sissy?" She heard Kailyn whisper to her. Annette started crying, hearing her voice was just to much. She was in so much pain. She took one more breath. Then she couldn't see a thing.


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