Then and now. Better or worse?

for wc23
as the setting would be own the culture and a few words would be of pakistan too
In this story I would also tell how many changes came in muslims and particularly in Pakistan.

Chapter 3

OK so I'm back

''Dead dead dead dead dead''
i screamed, my hot tears running down my cheeks. Both my brothers were shocked. Azaan glared at Usman and turned to me, '' Calm down Mariah, clam down. I'll explain everything. Come on sit here '' . My inside was burning, all these years passed, and i lost my mom. ''Why my life had to turn out like this?''

'' She died 2 years ago due to dengue fever, at that time its cure was not found. It was caused due to mosquitoes. She was bit by one, got infected and died. ''
I could see water droplets emerging in their eyes. I again started to shed twinkly tears so they couldn't control themselves too.
''They were crying? They were actually crying! I never saw men crying, and now here my own brothers are crying, I know Its a matter of mother, but still they should have shown patience and self respect''
'' Mariah, take off your scarf, wear it in neck. You are looking stupid '' Usman giggled. '' What the hell is problem with you? You never objected on wearing dupatas before '' I bellowed. Azaan popped between, '' Cool down please, come on Mariah, lets go home '' He said with a wink. ''ok no what more to come?''

'' woah woah woah That's a large car now, very horrifying, how can you even drive it? '' I asked with my eyes stuck to the car. '' Yeah its prado, new for you, and no worries, i drive really well '' Usman laughed and helped me to sit in it. Cozy seats it had.
So we started to drive, Lahore had changed alot! ( Lahore is one the biggest cities of Pakistan ) . It was so packed now. So many gardens and trees and tall buildings. This does not look like Pakistan at all. But look at people. Girls are out, kids on their own, and the dresses and even the boards with girls pictures on it. ''Oh my God, I really have slept alot''

We reached home, or was it a castle?? It was so gigantic. Ok well my both brother's family lived together with their own portions, but still it was big, I mean real ''big'' . With its separate gardens and even a swimming pool!
It was even so magnificent, with its beautiful designs and big gates and alot more.
It felt as if i really was in fairytale. So we stepped out and began to enter. Their families came to welcome us.
''Were these so-called people my brother's family?! No this cant be, this cant be''

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