Then and now. Better or worse?

for wc23
as the setting would be own the culture and a few words would be of pakistan too
In this story I would also tell how many changes came in muslims and particularly in Pakistan.

Chapter 2

So weird

'' How is that possible? '' , I was still confused. ''but I did feel different, like grown up'' Usman started to explain, '' Listen, last time you were 10, working with Ammi in the kitchen and we were playing outside. Then you fell down and blacked out. And now you have woken up. You have grown alot, you are 38 now, I am 43 and Azaan is 46 now. We have families of our own now, our kids and wives are back at home ''
So I had changed, I had grown up, and I was aunt of many kids. ''Ammi Ammi'' '' Where is ammi? '' At this question, both of their faces became solemn. Doctors left the room. Something was wrong. '' Answer me! '' Azaan spoke up, '' She is sleeping, now come on, I'll take you to the room to change your clothes. Come on get up ''. Ok she was sleeping, thats fine, she must be at home too. '' Where am I anyway? '' I asked, It didn't look like home, not a hotel, because the smell was weird. '' This is hospital silly '' Usman answered laughing. ''Hospital!? no it cant be''
'' Such modernized hospital it is, are we still in Pakistan? ''
'' Yah we are, I know you are surprised but as time goes by, there come many advancements. ''
'' oh. ok now show me the room for dressing'' ''weird! dressing room in hospital!''
The showed me the room and pointed to the clothes. I closed the door and went to see them. ''What? These are not clothes. This rubbery material and hard doubled thing. I am not wearing it'' . '' Usmaaaannnnn Azaaaannnnn..... ''
They came into the room, '' Yes what? ''
'' There are no clothes to wear, give me clothes. ''
'' What are you saying? Didn't you see those jeans and shirts? ''
'' Jeez?! what? Are those clothes? No I'm not wearing them. Give me shalwar kameez ''
Usman poked in, '' Sorry sis, you have to wear it, we don't have them any more. ''
Something definitely changed, how could I wear that? Ammi would scold really badly. But I have no choice. Ok so i wore it, quite difficult it was, they were really tight. ''ok now where is my dupata?'' I hid behind the door and asked for scarf. The nurses got fed up of my demands, but my brothers calmed them down. ''What was their problem anyways? Scarf is what I'm only asking for, that's not bad''
Azaan whispered, '' Mariah leave the scarf, you dont have to wear it ''
''LEAVE IT!?''
'' OK ok just calm down, ______________I only have this, here. ''
Ok that was a scarf, or like a scarf, too small, but whatever, I had no choice again, So i covered my head with it.
Then next i brushed my hair, too long, elbow length they were. I pulled them in a tight braid.
Work done, I started to walk out but heard my brothers talking
'' Azaan, why didn't you tell her that Ammi has died? '' .....................


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