Then and now. Better or worse?

for wc23
as the setting would be own the culture and a few words would be of pakistan too
In this story I would also tell how many changes came in muslims and particularly in Pakistan.

Chapter 1



Mariah was only 10 by then, a little innocent working with her mom in her house. Through the kitchen window she saw her brothers playing in fields. The sight insisted her to beg her mom. '' Ammi ji, can I go out and play too? For only this time please? '' Her mom kept cutting the onions and replied sternly, '' Mariah! I have said once that girls dont play outside! Dont beg me or i'll slap you '' Mariah silenced. What could she do after such strictness? She often had some stinging pains but she never told anyone, hoping it would soon end. But just then, her mother heard glass broke. She spun around angrily ...and froze!

Her daughter was on floor, eyes closed, and the bowl of milk broken, milk spilled everywhere. She rushed to her daughter, '' Mariah. my dear Mariah. open your eyes, Mariah!!! '' She checked her pulse, it was slow but she was alive.
Then all she could do to gather up her sons and take her to hospital.

Doctor: I am sorry to say miss, but it looks like you daughter is in coma, a serious one, she might not come back to senses for years.

2013 PAKISTAN eyes opened slowly felt as if i was off from the world for centuries. What are these men doing by my side? Some one get these men away from me. I couldn't speak. I was weak. '' HUSH she's opening her eyes, she's awake '' , '' Oh my Sister .Mariah is awake... Alahmdulilah '' '' Mariah oh Mariah look at me, here '' their sister?! I'm not their sister. My brothers are younger than them, these are men but they are kids.
One of them helped me up, ''why is he touching me?''. THWAAP! I slapped one of the men for his immature behavior. That man was stunned, wide eyed, and others started giggling. ''Are they making fun of me?'' '' Why did you touch me? where am i? Take me to my family ''

Then that man gave a smile of realization. '' Listen Mariah, we are your brothers, Usman and Azaan,'' . He said pointing to another man standing beside him. '' And the others are doctors '' ''No no no this cant be it, these are my brother names but they are not'' '' You are lying, my brothers are young, you are full grown men. Please let me go to my family '' i begged, they must be terrorists, ''OH Allah help me'' Azaan sat down beside me, '' Mariah you were in coma, you fainted in 1985 and you know what year is it? Its 2013!! You have been in coma for 28 years!!! ''

''How could that be possible?'' O.o

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