Six average teenagers. A world of crime and evil. What could possibly go wrong?

Chapter 1

Run Run Away

She stood at the bus stop, her foot tapping repeatedly. She was chewing gum, her mouth moving quickly. Her fingers couldn't seem to keep still. Her eyes would twitch ever so often. Her name is Bethany Maye, and she couldn't seem to stop moving. Anyone with eyes would think she had drunken several large cups of coffee, but she never drinks coffee. Her foot tapping became more insistent, and she began to hum a quick tune as she waited for her bus. Her dark blue eyes scanned the street, not many cars passed by. She sighed, but continued humming right after she did so. She brushed her red bangs from her forehead, only to have them fall back into place. Bethany became bored of humming and began to whistle.

Bethany tugged at the bottom of her tank top, trying to adjust it. She was sweating, and her tank top was tight right below her chest. She started tugging at her spiked choker, ending up loosening it a little. Soon her hyper personality took full control and she started jogging in place, making her cargo shorts move up a little. She started playing with her wristbands as she moved. She was extremely hyper. She never knew why, and it confused her at times. The only time she wasn't moving was when she was asleep, and even then she seemed hyper because she would twitch every so often.

She blew some air out her nose, felling that the bus was taking forever. She stopped jogging in place when the wind picked up and knocked her baseball cap off. She stooped and picked it up, placing it back on her head, turning it backwards. She leaned against the bus stop sign and began tapping her foot again. She jumped a little when someone tapped her shoulder. She turned to see two police officers. She straightened, "May I help you?" she asked, speaking quickly, like she always did. "Yes, is your name Bethany Maye?" the woman asked. "The one and only." she said, once again speaking quickly.

"You need to come with us." the man said.


"You're below age and walking the streets, you need to be in a foster home?" the woman said.

Bethany felt her heart rate pick up dramatically. She looked across the street, seeing no one. "Hey! That man just took the old lady's purse!" she said. Both officers whirled to look across the street, also seeing nothing. When they looked back, Bethany was sprinting down the sidewalk.


They ran after her, but they had no hope of catching up. Bethany was fast, no one could deny it. Bethany came up on an alley, so she turned into it and ran as fast as her legs would carry her. She couldn't let them take her back and put her back in the system. She was from foster home to foster home. No one wanted to keep her, and it did only one thing and that was destroy her self esteem. So, Bethany kept running. She ran into the park, a place where she would sleep on several occasions. She managed to stop at one point and double over as she tried to catch her breath. She heard a loud whistle, so she looked up. A white light was heading straight for her. Before she could jump out of the way, it struck her full force.

Red light flooded Bethany's eyes, she glared up at anyone who would've seen her. A black watch appeared on her wrist, and she glared fiercely at it, snorting a little before raising her wrist and slamming a fist down on it. Everything around her faded away to orange light as a hard wind passed by, blowing Bethany's hat from her head. Her short hair flowed out a little. She narrowed her eyes into an angry scowl. Her eyes flashed black before fading slowly to a deep bloody red. She looks away, almost as if she were disgusted and cracks her fist. She pulled her fist back and threw a powerful punch that connected with an invisible wall, which gave the sound of something crumbling. Her red tank top faded away to a white training bra. She pulls a leg back and kicks forward into a jump, stomping her feet down hard as a pair of tight orange shorts appears on her body. She once again looks away in disgust and cracks her other knuckles before grinning like a psychopath. She threw another punch and snapped her fingers, making a pair of black knuckle gloves appear on her hands. She looks around and lift one of her legs, like she just realized she had forgotten to put on shoes. She clears her throat and kicks the ground softly. A pair of knee high white boots appeared on her feet, orange laces slowly lace the boots up. Bethany looks herself over before placing her hands behind her head as a female voice said 'Rebel' slowly. As the voice said rebel, a black mask appears on the right side of her face and fine silver tattoo appear on the left side in a swirled pattern.

Bethany, or rather Rebel, flinched as the orange light around herself faded. She looked down at herself. Shock filling her now red eyes. She looked around, seeing no one. She felt her arms tighten, as if she were flexing. She felt a sudden urge, one she only had when she had a personality reflex.

Rebel laced her fingers together in front of herself and brought them down hard on the ground. It caused a small earthquake, and a large crack appeared in the ground and traveled away from the red eyed redhead. Rebel felt strong, felt powerful, but most of all... she felt calm. She didn't feel the need to move, at least not for the time being. She heard another loud whistle. She turned her head to look behind her. Another light, this one black, was rushing towards her. She gasped, but her speed seemed to have left her, for the light collided with the back of her knees. Everything flashed.

Rebel felt her eyes burn as they turned back to blue. She screamed as the mask on the right side of her face began to pull away. It was like someone was digging sharp fingernails into her skin to rip the mask for her face, which seemed to be stuck on. She felt the tattoos on the other side of her face burn and began to disappear. All the strength she previously felt left her, making her want to sink down into a boneless mesh. Hot tears fell down her face as her original clothing flashed back onto her body, but as her cap screwed onto her head all the pain flooded away. She took a deep breath and sighed as her body relaxed.

Bethany jumped up to her feet as a black belt appeared around her waist. The belt's buckle was orange and red, it was in the shape of 'SD' that were laced together. Bethany snatched it off and threw it as hard as she could. She lifted her left hand, a white half mask appeared hovering above it. She grabbed it and brought her arm across her chest and threw the mask like a frisbee. It speeds towards the belt buckle, which was beginning to fall to the ground, and collides with it. It made a small white explosion. The mask sped back at Bethany. It collides with her face, forcing her to do several backflips. She lands in a crouched position, an arm up to protect the side of her face that the mask latched onto. The other hand held the belt buckle tightly as fine silver tattoo swirled onto the right side of her face. She straightens and arches her back, moving her hips forward as her body spins. She slams the belt buckle back into place on the front of the belt. Bethany's body glowed a dull orange as her clothes faded away to a dark orange leotard. She grabs her own shoulders and roughly yanks herself forward, curling in on herself. She arches her back sharply and a black windbreaker with a red collar exploded onto her back. She straightens and cracks her back. She curls her hands into fists and puts them on her hips and slowly push them down over her outer thighs. As her hands move down a pair of black jogging pants appear on her legs. She looks at them in disgust and stomps her foot twice, making orange stripes to appear on the sides of the pants. She smirks and spins, jumping up and stomping both her feet, making a pair of neon orange running shoes to appear on her feet. She then glares into the distance, bringing her arms up to shield her face except for her eyes. A dark and demonic voice growls out, "Speed Demon" Bethany puts her face in her hands as a pair of black knuckle gloves appear on them. She moves into a running position, lowering her hands and clenching them into fists in front of herself.

Bethany, or rather confusingly Speed Demon, felt like screaming. She frantically looked to the sky, looking for any other lights. When she saw no others she let out a sigh of relief. She then felt a tingling run through her bones and it settled in her feet. It felt like electricity. She felt like running, doing flips, hanging from high places. It was like she was before, only intensified to as if she drank several gallons of coffee. She started jogging in place, usually what she did to burn energy, but it wasn't working. She started running in place. She looked at her legs and gasped. She couldn't see them, they were blurred. She couldn't stop. She wanted to run. No, needed to run. She was about to, until she felt a sharp pain in her rear. She looked over her shoulder to see a dart sticking out of her behind. Her movements returned to her usual speed, then to the speed of a regular person, then her movements became slow and labored. Even blinking. She groan and sank down to her knees, then collapsed into unconsciousness.

Two figures jumped out of a nearby tree and stood above her. "Are you sure she was meant for this?" One asked, male. He stood taller than the other, even taller than any man seen. The other, only a head shorter than the first but also male, simply let out a grunt and said, "Positive." They both stooped and hoisted up the unconscious redheaded female. She gave a little whimper and squirmed slightly in her sleep, but gave no other struggle. Both men reached out a hand, which were both inhumanly long and scrawny, and snapped their fingers. The three faded into thin air, leaving no trace that they were there other than thin footprints and a crack in the earth.

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