Welcome To Brookside

Ok...so I created a group story a while ago. Well..I created the sign-ups that is. Finally getting it posted so yeah! sorry to everyone who's in the story for taking so long! and to see character list then click on this link!


Chapter 5

Ezra Shade – Escaping Reality

by: Salocin
“Look out! On your left!”

I swung the blasters around hitting three more.

That left two.

I swung the blasters back around trying to find them.

They weren’t there.

I was about to ask Han if he could see them from where he was when they shot out from beneath us.

I locked on and fired. Both of them were gone.

“Good shootin Kid!” I heard in my head set before I took it off to rejoin the others.


“Ezra, are you there?”

I could hear my twin sister Leia calling for me.



A hand was shaking me, bringing me out of the world I’d created from one of my favorite movies. I looked up; it was my Mom.

“Finally. I’ve been calling you for five minutes now.”

I could tell she was mad but trying not to be in front of the other people in the hall. She was always like that, only nice when other people were there. They didn’t see her the other times. They didn’t see when she ignored me, forgetting to feed me or pick me up from school. They didn’t see when she…


My head jerked up. I hadn’t meant to zone out that time. I tried concentrating on what was going on.

“Well if you’re ready to join us now. The nurses say that your room is ready and the paperwork is done. I love you Ezra. I hope you understand that I’m doing this for you. To get you better. I’ll miss you.”

She hugged me really tight; trying to play it up for everyone. She didn’t care. I saw the plane ticket, she didn’t want me to ever get out. She was doing this so she could finally get rid of me.

I stood there letting her hug me, after a while of me just standing there she gave up. She glared at me, making sure no one else saw. Then she pulled back, working up a few more tears for her audience.

“Well maybe when I see you again you’ll be well enough to hug me back.” With that she was gone. I knew I’d probably never see her again but I couldn’t bring myself to be sad about that.

I turned and faced the nurses. One of them motioned for an orderly. He led me to my new room, saying “Welcome to Brookside” before closing the door. As I turned around to face what I would call home for an untold amount of time I heard the lock click.

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