Welcome To Brookside

Ok...so I created a group story a while ago. Well..I created the sign-ups that is. Finally getting it posted so yeah! sorry to everyone who's in the story for taking so long! and to see character list then click on this link!


Chapter 1

Welcome To Brookside Miss Ryder

I was now being Escorted to Brookside Mental Hospital. That's right a Asylum, a Crazy House, Home of the Nuts. I was going there. Is it because I'm crazy. Yes. Or else I wouldn't be sent here. You see....I'm not your normal kid. I have Multiple Personality Disorder, which was brought on by childhood trauma in the fact that I saw my parents murdered in front of me at a very young age and due to the fact that I can shape-shift. That's right. I can freaking shape-shift. I can turn into anybody or anything that I want. But however what I might decide to turn into really depends in which Personality I am in or what I'm feeling at that particular moment. I have 8 personalites including my normal self. I turn into a personality (however I prefer to call them characters) depending on my emotions. The reason I'm being sent here is because of Jezebel. She's my evil angry side. Don't judge me...everyone has one. Anyways lets just say this....someone made me really angry..I turned into Jezebel and well then I turned myself into one of those Pitching machines. You know..the kind you see at the batting cages. I kinda fired some balls at some kids messing with me and also destroyed some windows at the orphanage...and at the neighbors on either side of us...and across the street. I mean..come on. It wasn't the worse thing I have done.....but it wasn't until that last stunt that they decided to have me locked up. Oh boy..at least now I won't really get in trouble because everyone there is freaking crazy! It would be pretty easy for me to blame something that Jezebel did on someone else there. Even though I don't know what happens when I'm in my other personalities. It's like having 8 people sharing a brain which makes you think that it's often your own. It's very well..interesting. Also whenever one of my personalities comes out..my look changes with it depending on what personality has taken on. For Jezebel, I turn into this Indian Girl with long black hair and blonde highlights..I'm really tall and my eyes turn purple. I look really good as her..but man..can she cause some trouble.

My other personalites are

Isabella (The Crazy One who believes she is a Russian Spy and is obsessed with finding Al Capone.......even though he's dead. Isabella thinks he's secretly alive)

Leanne (The Redneck Southern Country Girl...and when I say Redneck..I do mean Redneck)

Raven (She's this like Goth and Emo Dark girl who really is like a Masochist and all......she enjoys the darker things)

Mary-Ann (She's the sensitive, shy, quiet, cries too much girl, who has a fetish for sweets. She has an extreme sweet tooth)

Daniella (a goody two-shoes and a bit of a killjoy who is sarcastic to everyone and is all about following the rules)

and then there is the one personality that is a boy ..... Luke (The Jock..is all into sports and exercising, and adrenaline rushes, which can be kinda awkward at times if girls are around...cause when I act like Luke...they tend to sometimes ask me out...which is so weird....cause they don't realize I'm a girl!

and of course you know Jezebel. The Bad Girl Prankster of the Group and has a really bad temper.

It does kinda suck though that I don't really remember much of what happens in some of personalities I turn into. With some of them..I can remember something like big happened. Like if someone died..I would remember that sometimes. But often I don't. I never remember anything that happens when I'm Jezebel. But let me tell you... Jezebel...that girl causes me a lot of trouble and grief. As I look out the window I can see the car driving up to the Mental Hospital. So this is to be my new home huh? It looks more like prison to me. It's probably going to feel like one as well. I step out of the car with my stuff and I'm escorted to the front of the building where I'm met by one of the nurses.

Nurse: Welcome to Brookside Miss Ryder.

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