Gods Plan and Will for you and your life

Chapter 1

Some of you have the wrong Idea

We all have a purpose. Every single one of us. The ones who don't fit in, certainly! The ones who feel unimportant? We have a place for you too! Those that are certain of what they wanna do? Lets make it better! In order to understand what your purpose and Niche is, you must first Understand the Will of God. Many Churches operate under the' "If its Gods will" method. But that doesn't make any sense. People sit dying with Cancer and proclaim, "If its Gods will, I will be healed"
So what you are telling me is that it was Gods will for you to die? (Religious person: "Well, God just needed another Angle in heaven") yea... Sure... My bible says that in God there is life and there is no Death. "Well God just didnt see for to heal him" Wrong Again! God hates seeing you in Depression, and Pain, and Sickness, but he can't do anything if you don't give him permission to. You see God created Earth, and Gave authority to Adam, Adam gave the authority away, by accident and the only way to get it back is through Jesus. Jesus got the dominion back, but didnt keep it, he gave it back to us. Satan remains God of this world and that is why Sickness, hate, depression and things exist, but God gave you and I the power to overcome it. I do believe in Miracles, but waiting for Death and saying' "if its Gods will" isnt the key. The bible says whosoever says u to thy mountain, be removed and be cast into the sea, it shall be done. I get 2 things from that scripture. First, if you want your mountain to move, its gonna take some work from you, second, fight death with your words. When you are sick with cancer, I stead say, "Death! I command you to leave in Jesus name, and I exercise authority over you Now! Leave!" That will work wonders compared to if its gods will. As a matter of fact, the bible even tell us what his Will is, it says that he wishes above all things that we prosper. I mean you have people going around saying that it was Gods will for a baby to die, but how does that make the mother feel? She would have every right to get mad at God, for "taking" her son. GOD DIDNT TAKE HIM! THE ENEMY DID! See, the bible says that his people parish because lack of knowledge. Well now you know. So, you know what Gods will is, he never kills anyone, he wants you to prosper, he lloves you and wants to help, but he can't unless you use your words. See, you have to fight with words, dont ever say you are worthless, you are worth so much that God died for you! Dont ever say you are an idiot, or as ugly as heck. (Someone should be laughing, you know who you are;-)) Instead say you are smart, say you are beautiful, say you are priceless, its not positive thinking, its a good confession that shapes you. You are a child of the most high, dont ever forget that! Do you understand?

So you know what his Will is, now what is your purpose? To be succesful! If you follow you're true niche, you will for sure be succesful, I promise. You must make sure you find it though, just pray and say something like this:
Father, In the name of Jesus, I ask that you reveal to me my purpose and my niche, help me so that in everything i do, I glorify you, master. Thank you father. Amen---

Pray like that and find your niche! It is never gods plan for you to barley get by, or live "humbly" no, show people who your God is!
People use the scripture saying that Jesus had nowhere to lay his head, but that was the start, look where he ended! With Victory! Times will get tough, but its up to you to believe, pray, and never use Gods will as an excuse, cause now you know his Will! If you guys need anything, please tell me and let me pray for you, Im always listning and I always care, thanks for reading! Have a blessed day!

Dedicated to Esther, Delilah, Charlotte, and Jennifer

--Christiankid back and out--


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