People can be so mean! (The last message I got)

Chapter 1


Well, I just got some hate mail, just thought I might share it with you all, this is what it said:

Why are you such a loser? I see how often you post things about yourself. You spend hours at a time on here. Do you have no actual life outside of this website? Are you really so pathetic that you must create a virtual online prom just to cope with the realization that you are worthless? Is it because you're so ugly in real life that no one will date you? Well, that, and probably because no guy would want to put up with you. You're always upset about something, rather it be because no one is sending you a message (and I don't blame them, who would want to talk to you?) or you threatening to quit. It would be nice to actually see you quit, though, because of how annoying you are. It gets so old to see all of your constant whining. When most people are upset, they don't rant on a website just to get attention, like you (an attention whh ore), they write it in a private diary or something. You don't know who I am, but I know who you are. And, I'm doing the whole quibblo community a favor by telling you that your constant crying and fake drama just to get attention is very annoying. Thank you for reading, have a blessed day.

I am still thinking of how to reply...


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