Fascinating [Star Trek]

James T. Kirk is just an average university student in the 21st century. Or at least, so he thinks. Spock is now the captain of the U.S.S Enterprise, after the captain, James T. Kirk, mysteriously disappeared without a trace. And now Spock is doing everything within his power to get the captain back. (Actual summery is down there somewhere...)

Chapter 1

Chapter One


James. T Kirk is just your average 21st century university student. He goes to classes where he doesn't really pay attention, then he talks to friends, goes out to bars, picks up women he doesn't even know the names of, never calls them again, and then does it all over again the next day. But as fun as all that was, something about his life never felt quite right. He always felt... out-of-place. Almost as if this wasn't even really his world. Or time.

Spock is first officer of the U.S.S Enterprise, but when the captain, James. T Kirk, mysteriously vanishes without a trace, Spock is promoted to captain. You would think that would make him happy, right? Wrong. Captain James. T Kirk wasn't just the captain, at least not to Spock. He had been, and always will be, his friend. Best friend, and maybe even more. Spock vows that he will not rest until they have found his best friend, and returned him safely home.

But what happens when Spock finds Kirk in the 21st century, without even a hint of a memory of Starfleet, the Enterprise, their own century, and no idea of who or what he is.


Kirk's POV

I yawn widely as I wake up, slowly moving into a sitting position on the edge of the bed. I open my eyes and look around the small room. Wait a second... This isn't my room, not at all. No, I don't sleep in a college dorm room, from the 21st century!

No, hang on, what? Of course this is my room. I shake my head to clear it of strange thoughts, and get up to brush my teeth. I can't get rid of the thought that this really isn't my room; this really isn't where I should be. I don't understand why, but I often get this strange feeling of not belonging.

I don't mean in that silly teenage 'I don't really fit in' sort of way, I mean... it feels like this isn't even my world, I'm not even from here. I don't know where those thoughts come from though, I mean, they're entirely illogical. Of course I belong here. Everyone does. There's nowhere else I could belong.

Slowly though, my mind changes the subject, and all thoughts of belonging to a different world are banished. Now thinking about my first class of the day, biology of some sort, I think, I quickly get dressed into my usual sort of clothes, jeans and a yellow sweater. I'm not sure why I wear a yellow sweater all the time, but for some reason it just seems like it fits, or something.

As I leave the room, I slam the door behind me, not because I'm angry or anything, just because otherwise it doesn't close. I learned that the hard way. First night here, I didn't know you had to slam the door, and some guys came in and stole my laptop. I got it back eventually, though.

I walk across the grass that separates the dorm buildings and the real school buildings, gazing at the sky. Not really looking at it so much as trying to look through it. To see what's up there, you know? Of course, I can't see through the sky, and there's nothing up there other than the sky, so it's entirely pointless. But still, it's kind of amusing.

I get to my classroom about five minutes early, and I'm the second person in the room. I take a seat up the back, so that I can sleep or read or something and the teacher won't notice. I do that for pretty much all of my classes, and it doesn't matter, because everything they're trying to teach me, I already know. Really, I should be that geek in the front row, eager to answer every question, but that's not really me, so I don't do that.

I put my bag down at my feet, and rest my head on the cool surface of the desk while everyone else fills into the room. A minute or two after the last student has shuffled into the room, the teacher walks in, carrying a briefcase and a large take away coffee.

Her name is Professor Green, she's in her mid-forties and really nice, but my God, is she ever boring. All she does through the entire lesson is talk about one particular thing until you think that if anyone ever says something about that thing to you ever again, you'll strangle them.

As she unpack's her case, and says good morning, I close my eyes and doze off, slightly.


"Captain, permission to come aboard the bridge," said the familiar Scottish accent.

"Permission granted, Mr. Scott," I said, turning to look at the man standing just a little behind me.

He gave me a big smile, which I returned, before looking back at the screen in front of me, displaying nothing but blackness and stars. We were docked at the space port, awaiting the arrival of the rest of our crew members, before setting out on a five-year mission to boldly go where no man has gone before.

I slouched down slightly in my chair, I was eager to set off, but we were still waiting for most of our crew, including chief medical officer Doctor McCoy, and first officer Spock. I sighed, thinking about those two.

They were my best friends and I hadn't seen them in two weeks, because we'd all been having rigorous retraining sessions, in our respective fields, to make sure we were ready for five years in space.

I couldn't wait to see them again, and to work with them again. Sure Bones (Doctor McCoy) was a little abrupt and snarky at times, but deep down I knew he really did care. And Spock was half-Vulcan, so he acted emotionless, but sometimes he let his feelings show, and God, those times were the best. He was actually really caring, but he'd never admit that.

I owed them a lot, too, they'd saved my life so many times, I don't think I could even count it. And they were always there for me.

Deep in my own thoughts as I was, I hadn't noticed that Spock had come aboard, and was now standing in front of me.

"Reporting for duty, captain," he said respectively.

"Good to see you, Spock," I said with a smile.

He just looked at me, but I didn't mind, it was incredibly rare for Spock to so much as twitch his lips, so I didn't expect any kind of response from him.

"Well, go on, go do your... job," I said, still smiling, and he went to sit down at his place on the controls.

He looked back around at me, though, and gave me a look that almost resembled a smile. I smiled widely in return, and he turned away.


I jolt awake as the shrieking alarm sounds, signalling that it's the end of this lesson. I blink my eyes a few times, trying to rid them of the remains of sleep. I pick up my bag, and head out of the classroom, along with all the other students. As I walk down the corridor, I think about the dream I had in class. I dreamt that I was the captain of a spaceship, and I had friends called Bones and Spock.

I shake my head, wondering where the hell that even came from. I mean, I know it was just a dream, but something about it just felt... real, or something, like it was a memory, and not a dream. But, of course I know it was just a dream, so I try to rid the thought from my mind.

I have an hour before my next class, so I head down to the on campus coffee shop, that's located somewhere down the end of the school buildings. As I walk in the door, I'm greeted by the pleasantly warm smell of coffee.

There are only four other people in the shop, two people sitting at tables sipping drinks, and the people who work here.

I walk up to the counter, and smile at the girl who's waiting for me. I've met her quite a few times, her name is Sammy, and she's this really cute red-headed girl, who's probably about a year older than me.

"Hey," I say to her, smiling politely.

"Hello," she replied, "What can I get for you today?"

"Um... a mocha with -"

"Extra chocolate, yes, I know, that's what you get every time," she says, sort of winking at me.

"You remember by order, you're even sweeter than chocolate!" I exclaim as I lean across the counter and kiss her cheek.

She blushes and bites her lip. "You're weird, seriously," she says, trying not to laugh.

I just smile at her, because nothing else needs to be said. I wait until she's made my drink, then I thank her. I turn around and take a closer look at the people sitting at the tables. One is probably a teacher, as he looks to be in his fifties, but I've never met him before, and the other is a blonde twenty-something year old, whose name is Andrew, and just so happens to be my best friend here.

I sit down across from him, and flick his face to get his attention. He looks up at me, totally unimpressed. "What is it this time, Jim?" he asks.

"Nothing, I just saw you and thought I'd say hi," I say.

"Okay, hi," he says.

He sounds like he's annoyed, but I know he's not. That's just his way. He's like, permanently pissed off by everyone and everything, but he's actually being rather polite today. Normally I'm greeted with a "fvck off" or something similar.

I'm not bothered by that though, because for some reason he reminds me of someone I know, or used to know, but I can't remember who. It's so frustrating, because I can never place my finger on it. I think it's one of those things about my life that don't make sense. People and places I can't remember, that odd feeling of not belonging.

I sigh, and finish my drink.

Author's Note:

Kay, so this is my Star Trek fanfiction. That was chapter one and I currently have three more chapters written, which I will post within the next week, and um... what'd you think?

That was a bad chapter, but I promise they get better later and more stuff happens, and I also promise that this does have a well thought out plot line, and I hope it starts to make sense eventually...

Kay, I'm done, bye.

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