TO EVERY CHRISTIAN (or anyone) OUT THERE!!! Pwease read?!?

TO EVERY CHRISTIAN (or anyone) OUT THERE!!! Pwease read?!?

She's a beautiful person and I just felt like sharing!!

Chapter 1

Lilylasers13 is her name...

She is probably one of the most inspirational people I've ever known. I may not know her well, BUT, she makes beautiful stories which reflect on our lives and why we exist...She truly sounds like an amazing girl and I hope that God blesses her with many more gifts...She doesn't know how speechless I am when I read her stories, to the point where all I can do is nod in agreement....
I would say she's the female version of Wilsauls but better hahahaha (I'm joking Wil)
Her stories are very spiritual & inspirational and I just felt this urge to share with you all some of them:

What You Were Created For & What You Weren't Created For - Great Reminder!'

God Is Like

God Knows

Without Christ I Am Nothing

36 reasons why Jesus is so awesome


If you're bothered, send her a FR hehe:

Her About Me (For those 'not bothered to go on her profile' people):
i'm a big fan of: music, books, facebook, LOTR, youtube, supernatural ,mlp:fim, death note, memecenter, club penguin, reddit, ninjago, GOD i'm actually 14 yrs old >:D i freaking love ninjago ICE! FIRE! LIGHTNING! EARTH! TORNADO OF CREATION!!! Ninja GOOO!!!

From my perspective, other than being a motivational Christian girl, she's just like every other ordinary teenager haha...She so cute...

Thanks peepz, I really appreciate you people reading this!!

2_Leqit_2_QUIT aka 2_COOL_4_skool



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