The Dark Days

Chapter 1

The darkness taking over


The darkness falls but only on me soon it will happen, soon it will end, the pain, the hurt, everything.

They say the eyes of the window to the soul, but what are they if you lose your soul, when you lose the will to live, when your body is just a shell, a robot living

Do they truly not notice, notice the pain in my eyes or do they, i wonder, wonder if they do but just don't care, or are they truly blind to my pain

The cemetery
Ravens black and blue flying high in the sky
Trees with no leaves twisting and waving from the wind
Tombstones with mildew broken apart just like their hearts
Bodies with no homes laying down for their last nap
This is home to the creatures and people who
Welcome the cemetery as their own
With no family of their own
No memory of their lost ones
But they still have the bones
To chatter to, to sleep with
To walk with, and to weep with
This is their homes old and young

Red Tears
The red tears falling down her face
she cries herself to sleep
trying to remember the good days
the days when they were a family
when they were happy
when they cared about
the scars on her arms and legs
the broken heart on her sleeve
the bloody tears running down her face
her cold pale white face that
similes as she takes a breath and
doesn't let it out but holds it in instead

The happy couple who everyone loved
weren't happy at all
the girl the once beautiful girl
her body riddled with bruised of all sizes, colors and shapes
the guy the once happy jock
organ destroyed
all the cigarettes and vodka finally getting to him
but still as they died
they held hands smiling for the first time in what seemed like years

The days the dull days
once happy but not anymore
once bright but not anymore
once cheerful but not anymore
once full of love but not anymore
now they are dark
now they are dull
now they are angry
now they are full of hate
but together they stay
to used to their life
to use to their lie
to use to their hate
to use to their dark days
to use to their dull days

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