My Parents are Silly.

Chapter 1


by: Shypanda
Well earlier today I was on my iPod in my front room and my mom was laying on the other couch I think she was on her kindle fire? Anyways my dad walks in and starts talking to my mom about something that... I was really listening to until he said my name and then the word "modeling" so I look up. My dad said I should do modeling because I look like other girls in modeling and my mom would be my manager (if we even did that which I will never do). And then my mom joined in and she said that people want models that are "Skinny like you and are tall like you and just built like you". I just gave them a weak smile and went back to my iPod and my dad said "To Hollywood!" but he was joking. They have always said I should be a model ever since I was a little kid, but I have my reasons to never do modeling.
1) I am not pretty to do that sort of thing.
2) I am what you call a "nerd" and I don't care on taking care of my face (ex: face cream, wash face every single morning, take forever in the bathroom etc.)
3) I like to dress the way I dress which is dark clothes and NOT dresses or girly froo froo stuff.
4) I had a lot more reason, but now they are gone so this number is really pointless, but oh well.
My parents are really silly :P especially my dad he is weird. He fell off his computer chair one time and I went to see what happened. I asked what happens and he fell off his chair again just to show me. This world is filled with silly people and I like it that way it makes life more fun :)


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