Nothing Is As It Seems (An Original Group Story)

Katrina Mason is a homicide detective. She lives on the edge, she's been close to death countless time. She's willing to do whatever it taken to solve a case. But she's not alone; her researcher, Jonelle Xason is the best in the business. With her partner, Dominic Road, by her side, they are unstoppable. What happens when her and her team's lives are put in danger because of a case?

Chapter 1

The Characters

My Character:

Name: Katrina Mason
Nickname: when she is working: Mason, when she is not working: Kit
Age: 26
Gender: female
Appearence: Long wavy red hair, shocking green eyes, tan, tall, very attractive,
Personality: tough, doesn't show negative emotion, strong, tomboy, protective, determined, caring and funny towards friends, rebellious, not afraid to fight, daring, reckless, will to risk her life and push the boundaries for justice
Family: her family was murdered when she was 12.
Postion on team: homicide detective
Other: she has major trust issues, she completely trusts her coworker and she partially trusts her research team.

Broken_But_In_Repair's character:

Name: Jonelle Aura Xason
Nickname: Elle
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Appearance: Light coffee with cream colored hair, faded off teal eyes, china white skin, 5'4, average weight for her height, faint freckles splattered across her nose, shy half smile is almost always visible on her face
Personality: Shy, Serious, Stubborn, Sensitive, Humble, Intelligent, Logical, Kind, Hardworking, Compassionate, Caring, and Moody
Family: 1 older brother that is across seas as a business man, mom died from cancer when she was just 6, so doesn't have many memories with her, her dad did his best raising her, but she grew up lonely being the only girl in the family, her dad is still alive but has alziemer's so is in a nursing home.
Position on Team: Researcher
Other: Is very insecure but trusts almost too easily and looks for the best in anyone, which often bites her in the butt, but she keeps on working to trust and never lose hope.

Nicknames_Suck_'s character:

Name: Dominic Roads
Nickname: Dom
Age: 27
Gender: M
Appearance: Average height, slightly less than average weight, shaggy raven black hair, dark brown eyes, tanned skin.
Personality: Shy, Quiet, Calm, Not Very Confident or Brave, Intelligent, Friendly, Kind, Hardworking, Loyal, Reliable, Trustworthy, Honest, Peacemaker, Bit of A Goody Goody, Can Be a Little Too Serious at Times.
Position in group: homicide detective/Katrina's co-worker
Family: His step father, Brian and his mother, Carie in hospital with cancer. And hisTwin sister, Rose
Other: He is half deaf. Is beginning to develop feelings for Katrina and is unsure of what to do as they've been working together for so long and now she feels like family.

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