I am against Cabela's

I am entitled to my own opinion, and if you're a sicko and is against my opinion, than that sucks for you because animals should NOT be treated this way and I am going to do something about the issue.

Chapter 1


Yesterday, my sister, my mom and I were shopping for a tent. We were in Canadian Tire. After looking through everything, my mom said "Why don't we go to Cabela's?" I didn't know what it was. My sister, however, was shocked at the question. My sister looked my mom right in the eye and said "No." My mom didn't understand why it was so important we avoided Cabela's. I didn't understand either. My mom shrugged her shoulders. "They have good tents there." My sister's mouth dropped. "We are not going there. I am not going to support that type of store."
My mom had never been to Cabela's, but she always looks at reviews of things."What's so wrong with Cabela's?" I asked. My sister looked at me, then at my mom. "Cabela's has stuffed animals in every corner. It's sickening." I thought she meant toys like teddy bears or plush cats. I was confused. My sister continued. "I am not going to support a store where they kill animals just for fun and stuff them to place in stores all over the country." I understood.
"No. I want to show you why I am against it." We follow my sister into the store. As soon as we enter, I see the heads and bodies of deer, moose, elk, so on. I went to the heart of the store and there, I stood. I stood for minutes and tears start formulating. There are fake boulders, surrounded by fake trees. There is fake grass and fake mud and fake dirt. But the animals.. The lynx... The elk, the moose, the two beavers, the fish, the bears... They are all real. I stood there and stared.
How could people be so cruel? Why would they do this? What did the animals do to them?
My sister went up to the counter and asked the man "Are these real?" pointing to the animals on the fake boulders and fake grass. The man smiled. "Yep. They are proud of that?? They are proud that they killed animals...nature... for....fUn?!?!?!
This is NOT how we should be treating nature. The hunters at Cabela's are mean, unreasonable, filthy, money-loving fools. Think about it, If we kill most species of animals, we will eventually be the only animals left. Therefore, we won't be able to eat meat or plants. Animals help plants grow. If animals aren't there, plants can NOT grow. We will have to eat ourselves...
A world of emptiness, desperation and starvation???
Ask yourselves.. Would you want to end up living in a world where the evening meal is your cousin? Where milk comes from human mothers? Where when you wake up in the morning, there might be a chance it's you. The chance that it'll be you that will be on the dinner plate that evening.
If hunters keep on hunting animals for their own pleasure, our world WILL come crumbling down.

I have something to say to the hunters. When you shoot an animals, do you feel any regret? Any pain? Anything? Thought so... You're just killers...murderers..
Does it give you pleasure to see an animals suffer from a gunshot? Does it bring you happiness to see an elk's head being chopped off and placed "proudly" on the wall of Cabela's?? You hunters are sick..
I am honestly ashamed to be human because of this. I am VERY ashamed.
When I walked into Cabela's that first and LAST time, it was like seeing babies' heads on the walls. It was terrifying. Disgusting. Appalling. Shameful.
I WILL be raising awareness on this. And this WILL be stopped.
Thank you for reading through..
I hope you think about this.


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