Why am I always the bad guy?

Chapter 1

Hey you wonderful people. :)

I hate being the bad guy, anytime I ever have a fight, or anything like that, it always ends up being my fault... No, I'm never the one getting my feeling's hurt, I'm always the one hurting the feelings, right? Well I'm tired of this, I have feelings too... I'm sick of all these haters, I get more everyday, I'm sick of all this drama, I'm sick of being sorry for something I didn't do!!! I am tired of people not believing me, not listening to my side of the story! It's always blame Esther, she's the one who did it! Well, I'm sick and tired of always being the bad guy in every situation, I wanna be good, and I want people to be on my side, or, why do we even have to have sides? Can't we all just be friends and get along and love each other? But whenever I have just the tiniest argument, or anything, someone has to go and blab it to the whole world, making me look like a devil! Well, you know what, I'm not a devil, and I'm not an angel either... I'm just me!!!! And this person, Esther, this girl right here, well she has feelings too! Please, next time, just give me a chance to explain before you go and assume things... That's all I'm asking.
Thanks for listening to me ramble on about this, but I'm having a hard time with quite a few people at the moment, and I just needed to let off some steam.

Love you ALL dearly! (Even those of you who don't love me, because if you're on my friend's list, I love you!)


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