Romance "Rocks"

This is for Alexis117's story contest.

Amanda Fallow thinks she's the heart and savior of her band, Soul of Life. Without her, she thinks the band would be a reck. But what happens when she falls for the modest new guitarist, Anthony Teal?

Chapter 1

Another Day on The Stage

I got up on the large stage and smiled at my fans, who cheered so loudly I thought my ears might explode.

As my band played the rock music, I began to sing.

" Do you feel that
That thing inside of you
Don't know why it's there
It, makes you happy sometimes
And it, makes you sad
It won't let you stay away from him
Well, its got a name

The crowd got louder with applause as I started to sing the chorus.

That feeling's called love
And love's a crazy thing
A crazy feeling
A crazy, crazy feeling that, we all get sometimes "


At the end of the song, my fans cheered for me even louder. I got off the stage, and waited for the guitarist and drummer to pack up their instruments. I followed them into the limo.

"I was great, wasn't I?" I asked the band and the limo driver.

"Yes, Amanda, we were great," snapped Micheal, the drummer.

"Good last concert for me, yeah," said the guitarist, Jake.

"What do you mean, last concert? " I asked him quickly.

"Well, I think I could do without performing with someone who thinks they're the only one apart of this band."

"Oh, come on, without me-"

"This band might be much better."

I rolled my eyes. "Please, do leave, then."


At 11:00 PM, Micheal and I are still busy auditioning possible new guitarist. We've been doing this since eight.

Yawning, I asked, "Who's next?"

A tall man who looked about 25 years old with bright blue eyes and messy black hair came up to the guitar stand in front of Micheal and I.

"What's your name?" asked Micheal.

"Anthony Teal," he said.

"Play the music on that stand in front of you," I said without any emotion, sick of listening to horrible sound by now. I almost wished Jake never left...

Anthony took the guitar off the stand and started to play.

And he's amazing. My mouth fell open and I started at Anthony at shock. This was not at all expected.

I looked at Micheal, and then at Anthony.

"You're in."


Well, I just have to say....I know this story isn't good at all....I rushed on it, because I procrastinated....I obviously should have worked on it earlier... I especially apologize to Alexis117, who had to change the due date.... I'll try and make the next two chapters better...

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