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I am really sorry if there are any typos- I am writing all this on my iPod.

Chapter 1

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by: OreZerO
This is a story about super smart orphans who are faced with what seems like an impossible task to complete on their own.

All the orphans attended Flynn's House- what seems like a regular orphanage on the out side. Though on the inside it is anything but; all the students are acedemically advanced for their age. The ages of the kids range from 7 to 20, and once you reach the max age you are sent into the real world. 5 kids are chosen every few years to join a private sector of the police force.

The characters we will be following will be all competing to be chosen as one of the five, and therefore think of each other as enimies. But when the leader of the orphanage suddenly goes missing they are forced to work together to save him. In the end the kidnapping was a hoax, but the situation helps the owner, Flynn, to make his decision.

Sign Ups
Name: (They don't have last names)
Nickname: (May relate to things other then given name. They are more likely to be called this by the other orphans above their name)
Age: (18,19,20)
Best Academic Skill:
Obsession (each of these kids has their own personal obsession that makes them stick out):
Motive for being one of the 5:

I will be accepting 8 characters other then my own. Which might mean (seeing the list of my friends on here) I might need help getting people to sign up. If you like the idea please help me!

My character:
Name: Gwendolyn
Nickname: Junior - Becase of her obsession with being perfect, it happens to be mean "secondary" or simply "not the top"
Age: 19
Looks: Deep reddish brown hair that goes to her shoulders and is parted to the side. She has very pale skin and her most prominent feature is her chocolate brown eyes. She is 5"2' and seems to be unhealthily skinny, though she is just about average. She usually wears plain black tee shirts and blue jeans.
Personality: Quiet, perfectionist, spends more time in her head then the real world, doesn't enjoy the company of others, only speaks when she has some thing important to say.
Best Academic Skill: Deductive reasoning
Weakness: Trusting others and their information. Is more of a "behind the scenes"
person. Very OCD.
Obsession: Perfection. Everything she does is precise and she is not impulsive in any way.
Motive for being one of the 5: She has planned to be one of the five, and she will accept nothing less then perfection from herself.
Other: She was left at the door of the orphanage when she was seven.

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