Hogwarts chat room

My story sob i deleted it by mistake sob
Here it is again. sorry guys...

Chapter 1


Twin1- George
Nosey_man- Voldemort
Read_head- Ginny

Twin1 signs in

Twin1 - Hiya Freddie you there?

Red_head - scoffs yeah like you two go anywhere without the other.

Twin2 signs in

Twin2- yeah Georgie this rat thingy was messing with me.

Red_head- you mean the mouse Fred.

Twin1- oh please now lil' sis and looks like someone's jealous!

Red_head- ha! like i want someone stuck at the back of my head all day!

Twin1- hey! sis you surely are not comparing us to that "squirrel" with you-know-poo stuck on him?!

Nosey_man- Hey is anyone referring to moi?

Twin2- Hey look! Baldie's here!

Nosey_man- Hold your tongue boy or i'll avada kedavra you before you can say quidditch! Besides it was not easy to attain this marvelous form of mine.

Twin1: Yeah, a noseless, psycho baldie, every girl's dream man...


Twin1- You dead Fred? jokingly

Twin2- haha Voldy you are such a baby! You can't kill online!

Nosey_man- Whatever. Care for a game of online exploding snap?

Twin1- You bet!

Twin2- I'm on!

Nosey man logged out
Twin1 logged out
Twin2 logged out

Redhead- Boys

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