The Benevolent Queen of Narnia {Fanfiction}

The Benevolent Queen of Narnia {Fanfiction} (story title image)
Okay, so, i've always wanted to make a Narnia story, and I hate being a procrastinator, so here it is! Set in Prince Caspian, all rights reserved, blah blah blah.
There's a lot of lovey cutesy shiit, just warning.
Benevolent means charitable and kind.

(I regret to inform you that I am the Empress of Typos, and I end chapters/start them horribly.)

Chapter 1

Return to Narnia

~Polyvore set;;
Name: Kara Tarnish
Age: 16
Appearance: Long wavy dirty blonde/brown hair, light grey blue eyes, pale, about 5'4, skinny (used to be anorexic)
Personality: Smart, charitable, kind, caring, considerate, smart, wise, funny, sarcastic, romantic, protective over friends/family
Other: Ely is her older sister and only sibling, thinks the Pevensies (except Edmund as more) as family because they have been friends all their lives, plus the fact that her and Ely went with them the first time. People think she is older because she is taller, and they do not think they are related because of their looks, (but all the Pevensies don't exactly look alike)

Name: Ely Tarnish
Age: 19
Looks: 5'1,120 lbs, long auburn hair, light medium skin, light brown eyes.
Personality: Sweet, demon when you get on her bad side, can make anyone smile, and funny.
Other: Protective over Kara even if she doesn't show it, also thinks of the Pevensies as family, but dates Peter.


"Of course." Ely laughed, ending the conversation between Peter, herself, and I about a class test. I smiled at Peter and her, since they were such a cute couple. But the smiles on our faces faded as a guy bumped into Peter, with two of his friends at his heels.

"Oi, aren't you going to apologize?" The guy who bumped into Peter asked, and I looked to Peter as he kept a calm face and let go of Ely's hand.

"Peter.." Ely spoke softly, trying to keep him calm, but it all went to crud as Peter hit the guy. The guy swung back and soon enough, loads of kids were crowded around them.

"Hey! Lay off! You bumped into him!" I screamed at the guy, before he slugged Peter to the side and slapped me. I immediately gasped as the hot searing pain came to my face.

"HEY! YOU DON'T HIT GIRLS!" I heard Edmund scream behind me as he tackled the guy who had slapped me across the face.

"Edmund!" Both Lucy and I yelped in protest, but he continued on, slamming the guy into a wall, and I swear I heard "Especially my girlfriend." as he did, then he turned to a guy who kicked Peter in the gut and tackled him to the floor.

"Edmund!" I called, but he was too fixated on helping Peter and avenging the guy who slapped me. It all ended when two officers blew their whistles and pulled Edmund off of the guy who had his hold on Peter.

"Act your age!" One barked at Peter, who let him go and Peter came over, exhausted, and his hair out of order, which Ely took care of, fixing his hair and handing him his jacket. Susan and Lucy soon joined us, setting their suitcases down and sitting with us, then Edmund came, plopping besides Peter.

"You're welcome." Edmund mumbled at him, before Peter got up again, claiming he had it sorted.

"What was it this time?" Susan asked, and Peter bit the inside of his lip before looking away.

"He bumped me."

"So you hit him?" Lucy cried, incredulous to her eldest brother, disbelieving he would do such a thing.

"No, " Peter looked back, expressionless. "He tried to make me apologize. That's when I hit him."

Susan rolled her eyes, "Really? Is it that hard just to walk away?"

"I shouldn't have to!" Peter retorted, then Ely rolled her eyes.

"Peter." She warned, but he raved on.

"I mean, don't you ever get tired of being treated like a kid?" Peter asked

"Um, we are kids?" Edmund answered with a smirk on his face, but Peter wasn't amused.

"I wasn't always." He sighed before he sat down, "Its been a year. How long does he expect us to wait?"

"I think it's time to accept that we live here. It's no use pretending any different... Oh no." Susan said as she looked at a guy with dorky glasses coming towards us.
"Pretend you're talking to me."

"We are talking to you." Ed smirked at her, before she rolled her eyes, then Lu jumped up from her seat, proclaiming "Ow!"

"Quiet, Lu." Susan told her, before she bit her lip in frustration and pointed to the chair.
"Something pinched me!"

"Ely, stop poking me!" Peter proclaimed as he sat up

"I'm not touching you! You're grabbing me!" Ely counteracted as she then sat up.

"Edmund, stop pulling!" I then announced as I felt something pulling my shirt.

"I'm not touching you!" Edmund retorted to me, as I gave him a "really?" look.

"Would you all just!- What is that?" Susan asked as we all sat up, and we noticed the train going faster, then Lucy grinned,

"It feels like magic!"

"Everybody hold hands." Susan said, and Lucy held onto Susan's, who held onto Ely's, who held onto Peter's, then Peter went for Edmund's hand, who swiped it away.

"I'm not holding onto your hand!" Edmund refused, which made Peter scowl at him, giving a look like 'Just hold my fricken hand!'

I rolled my eyes and went inbetween the two, holding their hands. Peter's was a little bit coarse, but comforting and Edmund's was remarkably soft, and welcoming. As the train went faster, we noticed the posters coming off, the people disappearing, then the bricks from the walls peeling off. Then the bars at the top of the station broke off, making me jump a little bit, causing the boys to hold onto my hands tighter. As the train windows flashed, it showed an ocean that looked awfully familiar. I furrowed my eyebrows and smiled a little bit, then the last of the station vanished, leaving us behind in a cave of sorts. So we all broke hands, except Peter and Ely, whose hands were still together. And as I felt Peter's hand linger from my left, my right was still occupied. In unison, Edmund and I looked down at our hands, and we both went a cherry red.

"Sorry." Edmund whispered, gently letting go, but I squeezed before I let go.

"It's okay." I gave a small, shy smile and watched the others ran towards the beach. I glanced at him mischievously before running off after. He smiled and ran after me, pretty quickly.

"Shame you're not as fast as me!" I laughed after him, slipping off my shoes and jacket, loosening my tie and let my hair free of a loose bun.

I looked back, watching him take off his hat, scarf, shoes, and coat, giving me a mischievious look. I then ran into the water with the others, splashing all the while and I sent some water at Ely, and she let loose a scream. I laughed at her, then was about to splash Lucy when a pair of arms snaked around my waist, which caused Peter to laugh.

"Edmund Pevensie!" I laughed, then was picked up onto his shoulders. "No! I'm heavy! Put me down!" I beat on his back gently, but Ely continued laughing

"You're probably the lightest, liar!" Edmund laughed, "And as you wish, Kara Tarnish." Edmund responded, and he tossed me into the cold water, making me shriek and sit on my butt in the water.

"You're going to regret that!" I hissed at him, then I tackled him into the water with a "Rahhh!" and we wrestled and soon, he was on top of me, and I was lost in his warm, chocolate brown eyes, then he fell off as a wave hit him.

He chuckled as he washed on shore and got up, then his eyebrows furrowed together in confusion above.

"Ed? Ed!" Susan called, trying to get his attention, but he ignored her and looked at me.

"Where do you suppose we are?" He pondered aloud, but Peter laughed and looked at Edmund as if he were mental.

"Where do you think?" Peter asked as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"I don't remember any ruins in Narnia." Edmund frowned, then we all looked up to what looked like where a castle used to be, then I remembered.

"No..." I frowned, then slipped my shoes back up and went up the small rock steps.

"Kara!" I heard them yell after me, but I kept muttering "No, no, no, no, no, no no." as I went up and went where a balcony used to be, and I had a flashback of myself staring out into the ocean, then Edmund came up and put a hand on mine, making me smile. But I was pulled back to reality when Edmund came up and bit his lip, standing next to me.

"Kara..... Are you okay?" Edmund asked, and I sighed, looking down at my hands, then back again.

"I suppose.." I muttered out, then he gently smiled and went for my hand, but I saw an apple tree and went for an apple, not noticing him awkwardly put his hand back and muttering "Okay."

I went on my tippy toes trying to grab an apple, but I was an inch shy of just reaching it. Just then, an arm went reaching from behind me and picked it off the tree. I grinned at the person, who appeared to be Edmund, then he handed me the apple and picked his own.

"Thanks." I said to him, and he nodded his head, and went for my hand again, but he was wondering whether or not he would get to grasp it. But I let him and he smiled, interwinding our fingers.

"Come on, the others are wondering around." Edmund said, and nodded his head and we walked around to where Susan and Lucy were, and Susan was looking at a chess piece in her hand.

"Hey, that's mine," Edmund said as he walked over and pointed at it. "From my chess set!"

"Which chess set?" Peter's voice drifted from behind, and both him and Ely walked to us, and when Ely saw us holding hands, she smiled and gave me a knowing look. I returned a look, warning her.

"I didn't exactly have a solid gold chess set in Finchley, now did I?" Edmund rolled his eyes, taking it gently from Susan and looking at it.

"It can't be.." I heard Lucy mutter off and she ran towards the remains of the throne room, the rest of us on her heels. "Don't you see it?"

"See what?" Peter asked, and she moved him and Ely into position.

"Imagine walls." Lucy told them, and Edmund and I moved right next to Peter, and she moved on, placing Susan and pointing to broken columns.

"And columns there," She continued, and got her place. "And a glass roof."

"Cair Paravel." Peter and I whispered as he put two and two together, and I frowned slightly, imagining the beautiful marble and stone, with how huge it was. Edmund proceeded to put his arm around me and I put my head on his shoulder.

The rest walked down from their positions and I looked at Edmund, who was looking down at me and I blushed slightly, and he shyly looked at me, before concern flashed in his eyes as he held my cheek.

"Does it hurt?" He asked, and I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

"What hurt?"

"Your cheek." He whispered, then realization flashed as I felt Edmund's warm hand on the mark where I got slapped.

"Oh, no." I smiled gently to reassure him, but he caressed my cheek and I put my hand on his, and his eyes flashed towards my lips, leaning in, but we were interrupted by Ely.

"Are you two coming?!" She yelled and Edmund and I shared a small chuckle and pulled away, walking towards her.

"Yeah, yeah." I rolled my eyes and gave a knowing look at him, which made him chuckle more and we wondered until he went over to a moss covered rock and muttered, "Catapults."

"What?" Peter asked once more, and Edmund looked over.

"This didn't just happen..... Cair Paravel was attacked." Edmund said softly, then I muttered to myself, before my eyes widened.

"But did James and Shane make it, that's the question." I said sadly, before walking over to a statue, or what was left of it. Peter noticed me and started pushing on the rock.

Edmund walked over and helped him, which revealed a broken, rotted metal door, that was like wood now.Peter started breaking it, punching into it and peeled it off, then a large chunk came off, and he set it down and opened the door, and it instantly came off its hinges. Then he got out a pocketknife, ripping off the ends of his shirt and picked up a stick, tying the ripped off shirt piece around for a makeshift torch.

"Don't suppose you have any matches, do you?" Peter asked as he tied the last bit of his shirt in a knot, and Edmund let go of my hand, looking through his book bag.

"No..." He answered, then he pulled out a flashlight, "But would this help?" He smirked.

"You might have mentioned that a bit sooner!" Peter laughed, and Ely giggled. Edmund looked at me with a grin and offered his hand. I took it with a blush and slight smile, making the girls giggle and Peter grin. Edmund led first, then Peter threw the torch he tried to make and guestered for the girls to go first, Ely smirked at him and Peter went in after.

As we walked down, I heard Edmund's bookbag clacking on every step, along with pairs of bare feet hitting the stone underneath. Then Peter grinned as we walked to a gate and opened it with an incredulous look on his face.

"I can't believe it, it's all still here." He said, then Lucy ran in to her trunk. Ely grinned like an idiot as she went to a trunk next to Lucy, then Susan walked to hers, and I was looking around. There was some shields and relics, then I felt Edmund's hand against my arm.

"Come on," He said as he nodded towards our chests, and I chuckled and opened mine,
pulling out a few dresses and my two swords.

"I was so tall." Lucy commented as she got a long dress and held it against her current clothes.

"Well, you were older then." Susan said

"As opposed to hundreds of years later, when you're younger." Edmund added in, wearing a large helmet on his head, making me laugh.

"I can't believe your head was that big!" I laughed, and Edmund's face went as red as a tomato.

"Well, you married me and my big head..." He blushed, and I shook my head, laughing, then watched Peter as he finally opened his chest. Susan looked through her chest and her eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"What is it?" Lucy asked.

"My horn." Susan said, looking back, "I must've left it on my saddle, the day we went back."

Peter looked in his chest and got out his sword, unsheathing it and looking at its engravings.

"When Aslan bares his teeth, winter meets its death." He said with a sad, solemn look on his face, then I watched Lucy get teary.

"When he shakes his mane... We shall have spring again." Peter looked at her, "Everyone we knew; James, Shane, Mr Tumnus and the Beavers... They're all gone."

I looked down and blinked a couple times, keeping my tears at bay, then looked to Edmund, who was holding an old sheild in his left hand and his sheathed sword in his right, then moved my gaze to Peter.

"I think it's time we found out what's going on." Ely said, and the rest agreed and I found a dress I liked.

"But we need to get dressed into something that's not our school clothes." I added in, and she nodded, and Susan smirked at the boys.

"But Edmund and Peter have to get dressed elsewhere."

"So find some clothes, get your stuff,and get your butts out of here!" Ely said as she motioned towards the way out of the room and they chuckled, grabbing their swords, shield, and clothes and walked out, and once Ely said they were gone, we all changed into some dresses that were breathable and we were able to move in it well.
I changed into a blue dress that was firm, yet soft. The sleeves went all the way down and I took my small dagger and slit off the part where the sleeve went poofy so it was slit from my elbow to wrist, next putting on my small wrist braces that looked like it was wrapped as if I injured them and smoothed it on. I put on a thin plate of armor, then put on my sword belt that held one of my swords, latching it around my waist, and my shoulder strap that held my other on my back and slid my swords in their sheaths. I pulled back my hair and put it in a ponytail, then put in in to look like I twirled both ends back. I looked to the other clothes that had themselves situated, and I said with a smirk,
"Let's go meet the boys."

Ely agreed with a grin and with a shake of her head, we went out to meet Peter and Edmund. Peter wore mostly brown, with a white long sleeve shirt kinda poofy and his brown jerkin on top of it with his sword belt and shield on his back, with a bookbag. He wore light brown pants with dark brown boots. Edmund was sort-of the same, with a white long sleeve shirt underneath a navy blue button down long sleeve shirt with very light brown pants, almost grey that ended at his knees and brown boots with some skin showing . He wore his sword belt and had a shield on his back as well with his bookbag from school. I met up with him and slipped my hand in his and whispered,
"You look very handsome, my King."

His face went red as a cherry as I mentioned it, wiping some dark brown locks of hair out of his face, or attempted to, as they went back in front of his face.

"Thank you, my Queen." He smiled in reply, which made my lips curl into a smile and my cheeks go pink. Then we heard a yell from in front.

"Hey, are you lot going to get a move on?!" Ely yelled from the front, making Edmund and
I share a look and chuckle, since Ely had a habit of doing that.

Comments, thoughts, suggestions, rates, likes? Constructive criticism accepted. And compliments, of course.

Thanks ♥

~Long live Aslan

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