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Okay this is how it works, so pay close attention potatoes:
You ask for a chapter in the comments and I shall gladly give it to you. You define a made-up word/phrase of yours(it could be a really random one) and write a sentence you would say, using it.

Okie please contribute!

Chapter 1

The Vegetable King

by: FerSure
1. Being on which La Cecester blames all bad luck (ex. war, global warming, Justin Bieber, etc.)
This term is stolen from the manga series "Nana", where the character Nana Ichinose (née Komatsu) blames all her misfortune on a made-up character she calls the Demon King.
Cece hates vegetables, therefore she called her character "The Vegetable King"

Also known as: The bloody vegetable king, v.k. or Veggie King.

Example: This child is a making of the vegetable king.

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