Advice Column

Chapter 3

7/11/13 Afternoon

So my Bat Mitzvah is coming up next summer and there is a lot of singing at the ceremony. My mom says that I have to sing deeper so people can hear me. I'm naturally a soprano and the lowest I can go is barely an alto. This is kind of stressful for me because I can't sing as low as I "need" to and can't visualize myself singing low. Got any ideas?

First of all, I think your mom is wrong about the deeper your voice the louder it is. I believe it's the opposite unless you are super shy. Maybe invest in a microphone so you don't have to stress about singing deep. If your mom disagrees with that then just sing the deepest you can without messing up and tell your mom you can't do it.


Hello, I've been friends with a girl, we'll call her P.I., for almost 3 years now. Sometimes when we talk it's like we are inseparable, but occasionally when we talk if feels as though she is drifting away from me. What should I do to fix this?


Dear Mimic,

That's happened to me often. Maybe P.I is making new friends? Maybe there was a terrible rumor about you? Anything could happen. Hang out with her more often and if she continues decline, she's not worth it. If she happens make new friends, try to be friends with her friends.


well I'm friends with a girl and I have a crush on her brother. i'm seeing them both today.. btw my friend doesn't know that i like her brother

Tell the girl you like her brother. Friends are supposed tell these kind of secrets to each other so hopefully she understands. If you want to try to get your friend's brother to like you, try talking to him more often. While your talking, always give him your full attention. Stare at his eyes so he knows you interested. This is also a sign the you may like him and maybe he'll even ask you out.


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