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Chapter 2


Ok... So, i know it's summer, but i have a problem related to school.
So, there's this super annoying kid in my grade... And i think he has a crush on me.
I seriously hate him more than almost anyone i know. He keeps trying to get into my friend group. All but one of my friends hate him as much as i do, but one of my friends likes him... Should i do something, or should i just stay quiet? I don't know for sure that he likes me, but i'm pretty sure he does. And also.... Well, we're definitely too young to be dating with anyone. (No more info.... .~.)
Please, if you can, help.
--Boy Woes

Dear Boy Woes,

If you don't like him, don't bother. Just tell him you like someone else or you don't want to ruin you and your friend that likes the boy's friendship. That'll show you have a nice side and he will never know you think he's annoying. If he continues to try to join your group of friends, invite him. You don't want to be rude and make it obvious that you don't really like him. Being nice always pays off. And you say you're not sure if he likes you. A big sign that a boy likes you is he is often staring at you. It's hard to catch it because they usually look away when you look at him. Another sign is a hair tug when he's close to you. Sometimes he'll even blush.
If this problem continues, feel free to message me again :)


I create cool enough quizzes and stories but they never get enough views. I have more than 50 friends and I share lots of them with them. But I somehow never get enough views. What should I do?

From, Not Credited Creator

Dear Not Credited Creator,

In Quibblo land, over 50 friend's isn't enough. I used to have to same problem as you. I have almost 900 friends and 95 reads on one of my stories. It's difficult to get reads so here are some steps. First, make friends. I always friend the featured member and I try to friend all of my friend's friends. Next, try to make stories that people could relate too and in the genres that most people enjoy. Try to make quizzes that anyone could answer like "What does your room look like?". Lastly, patience. I noticed you haven't been on Quibblo for a long time like others. I started getting a lot of story reads on my second year of being on Quibblo so it might take a while.


Surprise, surprise I like a guy. But there's a few problems:
1) He's my cousins best friends
2) He's my best friends ex
3) My close friend likes me
4) He might like another girl
Although for the last school year he's been acting as if he likes me and I don't know


I like another guy who is 4 years older than me and I cant get over him :(

If you want to know if the first guy likes you, you have to pay attention to him physical (not weirdly though please...) and emotionally. Like I said on the first response, one way is he is staring at you. He might even blush if you look back at him. Again, he might tug his hair when you two are close together. And about those other problems you listed.
1. I don't think your cousin would mind if you date their best friend.
2. You don't want to risk losing your best friend so maybe try asking her if she thinks it's alright.
3. That's probably the biggest problem on the list. Tell your friend that you are interested in someone else and that you are sorry. Say you still want to be friends. If he takes it the wrong way, always try to hang out with him more often and he'll soon get over it.
4. This is tough the find out. Follow him around but don't be too stalkish. Watch is physical and emotional actions towards the girl.

For you last, bonus question, it's like Twilight. You gotta choose Edward (aka the one you could imagine you could be with). I don't really think age matters unless you are TOTALLY far in age.


AN: Hopefully this helped all of you and keep the questions coming :D

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