Q&A or something

I don't know, I'm bored

Chapter 2

Q&A Numero uno

From dlakshmi:

whats your favorite anime?
whats your favorite color?
whats your favorite name?

I like a lot of anime and it's probably a tie between Ouran High School Host Club (it never gets old!) or Soul Eater (88888888symmetry88888888)
My favorite color is purple. I used to be all girly and liked pink but then I read the Zelda Four Swords manga (LOOK IT UP! IT'S AMAZAYN!) and I loved the purple link so I like purple.
I like a lot of weird names. My favorite name is Violet but it changes a lot. Once it was Sakura, then it was Samantha, then Levi, then Crimson, etc. So yeah.

From MagicalTechnoLove:

What is your favorite LoZ Game?

How many times did you say rupees so far in Quibblo?

Do you watch H^nt@!?

This is a hard question >:(. I can't choose between Ocarina of Time, Four Swords, Majora's Mask, or Twilight Princess so lets just leave it to that.

I don't actually say rupees a lot in Quibblo so lets say about thrice (Vocab FTW)

No. I actually don't know what it is o.o. Is it like yaoi, yuri?

From Rainbow_Unicorn_With_Pie:

Do you like cheese?

I do ^^. I like parmesan cheese. I wonder why parmesan is pronounced parmajon...

From kagome29:

Do you like to sniff cheese?????
Do you like bubbles????
can you dance the Macarena with a duck!!!!!

No ._. That's weird
Bubbles are weird. How can you see your reflection in them? (yes)
Ducks scare me and I forgot how to do the Macarena :(


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