My Newer Poetry

Okay guys, since I was on here most (like...October of 2011?) a LOT of things have happened, and my writing has DEFINITELY changed. So, in case any of you are interested, here are some of my newer poems!

Chapter 3

Daddy, Can You Hear Me?

Daddy, can you hear me?
Over the roar of the engine
And the quickly inclining speed?
What about that red light you just passed?
Stop! Take your foot off the gas!
Daddy, can you hear me?
Over the bottles that keep clinking
And the alcohol you keep spilling?
That's too much, too much, too much
It was too much five bottles ago
Daddy, can you hear me?
It's your daughter, your little girl
You said that I deserved the world
But you took it all and murdered my dream
By drinking one too many drinks
Daddy, why didn't you hear me?

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