My Newer Poetry

Okay guys, since I was on here most (like...October of 2011?) a LOT of things have happened, and my writing has DEFINITELY changed. So, in case any of you are interested, here are some of my newer poems!

Chapter 10

Go Ahead and Judge Me

They say,
Only God can judge
They say,
Only losers can judge
They say,
If someone loves you, they won't judge you
They say,
Be yourself, because no one will judge you
So who am I, then?
Who are you?
Are you God, the almighty?
Do you forgive me for my sins?
A loser, then?
Yet you hold your head so high
That I swear you could break that neck
Of yours
So am I not loved?
Everyone judges me, judges me on my clothes
My shoes, my grades my hair
They judge me if I'm not wearing slutty underwear
If I play to my strengths
And change who I am for you...
Because Barbie is impractical,
But everyone still wants to be her anyway.

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