My Newer Poetry

Okay guys, since I was on here most (like...October of 2011?) a LOT of things have happened, and my writing has DEFINITELY changed. So, in case any of you are interested, here are some of my newer poems!

Chapter 1


Hello, they say, we've been waiting for you
How's it been, what's it like, how was life
Up on earth?
Not too shabby, not too bad,
But it was all rather sad
No 'hello's there, no 'hi's,
Just 'see you later's and 'goodbye's,
But I'm here now, where I belong
For these embers inside me keep pleading on and on
Let me out, let me be, a full-blown inferno
To the moon and back, we'll set the whole world on fire
And watch from down below
In this heavenly place I do desire
We are burnt, we are friends of flame
Outcast from 'joy' and 'love' and 'sanity'
Ah, we are the ones who endure mighty pain
Laughing while attacking
Our friends with no shame
Well, look here, you might as well,
To see the story only time can tell
Prison with no bars, just us and our candles
Those angels above heavily guarding their handles
But I'm one of you now, and I'm here to say,
That we are all devils and hell has no escape

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