Avenge Me

Well, this is a group story me and my friend bewarethenargles are doing. Plot below! Also, tell us what you think of the title! It took a really long time to think of!

It's a month after the New York invasion, and SHIELD has an entering agent, joining Katelyn Swales and The Avengers. It's Naphtalie Bradley, and she and Katelyn have their eyes set on two Avengers themselves... Twists and turns arise but hey, what's being in SHIELD without a bit of fun, drama and maybe even love?

Chapter 1

I Don't Know Why I'm Here, But I'm Glad I Am

Naphtalie Bradley
I hunch my backpack up on my shoulder and pass the mirror straight, though my long orange hair is most likely in it's I-just-woke-up state and my face the same, because I did just wake up and pull on jeans, sneakers and a tee. My tan skin itches even though I took a bath last night and I smell myself just to see if the perfume worked. It's passable. My brain tells me that SHIELD agents need to be presentable, but my gut tells me that they recruited me, so they wouldn't give a crap about my hair.
"Besides, I'm a new agent! I'll be fine!" I mutter to myself, running out my apartment tying my shoelaces, a Special K breakfast bar in my mouth and the cranky couple in apartment 225B glaring me. I chew my breakfast bar then run my hand through my hair, thankfully somewhat free of knots then tie it back into a haphazard ponytail with a scrungie I kept on my wrist. I have to flag down a taxi to drop me about a block away from the SHIELD HQ in New York, because secrecy and all that jazz. The taxi driver shakes his head in shame at me as I stumble in to the car with crumbs on my plain white tee. I wonder why they called me? I mean, there's nothing special about me. I'm just a twenty year old clutz who tries to keep herself alive whilst browsing the internet for cat videos. I'm absudly skinny and as I said, a major clutz. My state this morning was organized. I have no skill set, not even diversion, yet that one agent... I think her name was Katlin or Katelin or Catnip or something Wales? Well Catnip Whales came to my aprtment, which was creepy and told me SHIELD was interested. Of course I said yes, I mean, SHIELD! They're pretty badass. Also, I still want to find out why me. The taxi pulls to a stop and I fling the fare at the driver, who I can tell is overly pissed off. I'm not even sorry. I walk the block to SHIELD, and by then the breakfast bar wrapper is stored in my pack, the crumbs are gone and I'm as professional looking as I can be. I do the knock on the metal door and a pair of blue eyes peer out at me.
"Um... hi? I'm Naphtalie Bradley?" I stutter. He or she, I can't really tell, calls out to a Catnip I think. She opens the door and shoves me inside.
"Oh, hi Catnip," I say, shocked. She rolls her eyes.
"It's Katelyn- K-A-T-E-L-Y-N. Well, Agent Swales to you. Naphtalie- this is Agent Barton, and, well, you know me. Welcome to SHIELD," she tells me. I stare in awe at the guy- Agent Barton. He has light brown hair and greyish eyes. A quiver of arrows is on his back and his face is serious.
"Hi?" I squeak out. Talk about intimidation.

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