Our Souls United

An original group story about 5 teens brought together to stop evil.

Chapter 1

The Dreams Again

This is not the last of me! I will be back, and this time better than ever, you can't deny me! I shall rule the world and you will bow down to me. 'Never!' I screeched. It's too late for that, young Leah. I have your parents and grandmother, you're worst nightmare. They will be slaves to me forever if you don't bow to me. 'NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!'

'Leah, LEAH!!!' screamed Bethany Ray. I sat up and looked around me. Where was I? Oh yes, I was here. In the tiny abandoned cottage we had found. We had just been five teens, now we have to save the world. Everybody will become slaves to Danger, Doctor Danger and his evil ways. Yes, even you.

I saw Rifle Eye and Austin Sattler whispering to each other, probably about me. 'The day is near' I stated 'The day he ends us all.' I suddenly realized how bad our situation was and ran into the corner to cry. I rocked back and fourth and kept whispering to myself. What was wrong with me?

Misty was on her bed. She seemed troubled about something. But she wouldn't tell. Rifle suddenly shouted something to Austin and stormed off. Rifle was just getting used to humans, I suppose Austin just took something too far. That's Austin, he really doesn't know when to stop. I suppose that could help us in the Big Battle. I looked around and cried again, nobody here was normal. We all had our own troubles and it was clear we didn't like each other.

I really wanted to tell everybody that we should be nice but I was too frightened the dream really shook me up. We all had our own powers, that was the only thing we had in common. All their powers seemed cool but mine just frightened me. Why was I chosen, chosen to have such a terrifying power even when I am the most timid. I trembled there like a mouse. Pull yourself together Leah! a voice inside was telling me.

I stopped whimpering and stood in the middle. For a second, one amazing second the shyness jumped out of me. 'Okay people, let's call a meeting. Everyone in here NOW! ' Everybody was shocked at my sudden outbreak, we hardly knew each other but we knew that I was definitely not the one that would be shouting orders. 'P-please' I said, the shyness overcoming me at once. 'I-I w-w-was thinking. M-m-m-maybe we should h-have like a um ermm sort of leader person thing.' I said, and I knew I sounded like an idiot. I looked around, what an odd bunch we were. 'L-lets umm vote' I said. And surprisingly they agreed. Adding a 'make it quick though!' from one of them. I don't know which.

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