Most INSPIRING or RELIGIOUS songs of my life!!!!

Most INSPIRING or RELIGIOUS songs of my life!!!!

These songs are what motivate me everyday to be who I am!!!!
They give me the strength to live my life......
But GOD is always the BEST MEDICINE FOR ME!!!!

Chapter 1

FLAME ft. V.Rose-Caught In The Lights

Pre-Chorus V.ROSE
Caught in the lights, oh my
You're just so caught in between all your lies and your dreams
You're so blind oh my
You know I'm right but you hide on your stage to the right

Chorus V.Rose
You know that I'm calling you can only run away for so long
If you knew it then know it would just stay the road that you're on
I just want you back at home you know it's where you belong
Would you come home it's where you belong
Just come home it's where you belong
Don't be caught in the lights

Verse 1 Flame
Little homie had hoop dreams man he loved sports
On the court he was short but he had a lotta heart
Picking up a basketball made him feel like there was hope
If he didn't play ball he probably be selling dope
No father figure in a single parent home
There's so much going on made him feel like he was grown
That he had to go hard in the gym like a champ
And all he thought about was him and his camp
He said fam we go'n make it that's all he had to say

Cause at the end of the day I'm talking NBA
Contracts it's a fact mom ain't gotta a lot of grip
Know I gotta play hard to get the college scholarship
That's exactly what he did little homie's on the way
But little does he know that he is being led astray
Cause fulfilling your dreams may get you outta the trap
But there is a sin problem that is way bigger than that
The light


Verse 1 Flame
He say it self therapy and if he didn't rap he would snap
Plus his dream to make a hundred million flat is on his back
And on his shoulders homie's getting older
Accepting the fact that he can't get the time back
So he acts when he ain't in the studio
Hoping that that would lead to a movie bro
Heard em say that he is sick of being broke
But he ain't going to college and he ain't selling coke
So he spend a lot of time with a pen and a pad
Trying to make ends meet cause he's finna be a dad
Wanna get a record deal sell a couple mill
House on the hill fall back and just chill
Now he looking for that one shot homie trying to blow
But little does he know that if that's the way it go
That he could end up way worse than before
Cause you can gain the world and still lose your soul


Verse 3 Flame
The devil took him very high to the highest mountain peak
And he said if you would fall down and worship me
All of the kingdoms of the world and the glory
Would instantly be yours end of the story
Jesus' mission was to rule all the nations
This is exactly why it is a temptation
No more suffering no more pain
Start the Christian cosmos let your kingdom reign
No Nero no Adolf no slavery the cross you can stay off
Bind the broken hearted heal the sick
Establish truth and justice no crucifix
But Jesus resists and goes to the cross
And trusting God's promises He doesn't self exalt
Would shed His own blood in the three He rose again
He wins the God man never sinned
The light

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