Mama, we all go to hell

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

My aunt tries oh how she tries. And maybe if I could I would try but the last time I cared I killed my grandmother, no regrets. Anyone who is close I cant help but kill, but its not me who kills them. Its the monster in my brain, growing in power everyday. The monsters tell me things, they tell me the truths they tell me the lies. They know my thoughts they mutate them, they make me do things. They want to be the only one I care for, they will do anything to make that happen. My Aunt could be someone I become to love, and I cant take anymore empty. But to stay away from one empty i have to face another.
lets go to the river
yes lets
let us drown the cat
I never liked the cat
No Auntie loves the cat
Cecilia drown it
it wants to die
You forced us
I get off the floor and walk down the dark stairs to the kitchen there I pull out a knife and drag it across my left arm I want to scream I want to stop. But the monsters hold my mouth shut. They start a new cut, a good pool of blood is on the floor.
Where is the cat?

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