Mama, we all go to hell

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Daily Times May 21,1999
Today starving, dirty, and bloody three year old Cecilia Drift was found in a foul smelling apartment with with her dead mother. The corpse is any wear form one to two weeks old. The little girl refuses to speak to police and only points to the wall and screams when asked questions. She is currently at a hospital being held there till further notice Mis Bonqwet from across the hall of Cecilia's former home said she heard screams but just assumed it was Cecilia. According her and other neighbors, they would often awake to screams during the night. So the night Lulu (Cecilia's mother) died was no different. Mis Bonqwet says that the screams continued threw the past two weeks. There are no clues to the murder
My name is Cecilia and this is my legacy, I at age three killed my mother.

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