Mama, we all go to hell

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

I place Cecilia down on the couch her hole body shakes violently. I look out the window slowly I hear the siren.
"Shhhh baby mamas got you."
she makes an ear braking scream.
"The ambulance is coming don't worry."
knock nock
I run and open the door the medics run to her and left her on a gurney. Tears stream down my face.
"Did she drink any poison?"
"Not that im aware of."
"When did she start acting like this?'
"About ten minutes ago."
"Where was she?"
"In her room i heard a crash and a scream, when i went in she was in her window half of her in half out."
"Okay, that is strange.'
He runs into the ambulance I get in with him. The nurse almost screams
Beep beeep beep. beep beep beep beep beep beep

'We don't want your apologie"
"Then what do you want" I sob
"Your sole."
"Why mine?''
"Because you passed the test"
"Yess sence the day you where born we have been testing you."
"And now that you are at the age we need to harvest you."
"The only problem was that you where so strong we couldn't take you when you had the one thing that was our weakness."
"Whats that? you have takewn my hole life from me what could i possible have that you dont?"
"Your hope."

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