Mama, we all go to hell

Chapter 1

Chapter 1


I rock her gently into a dazed sleep. Cecilia was always hard to get to sleep, but tonight she was very easily put down. Her eyes are always troubled focussing on nothing but every thing, it worries me. She is three and has yet to talk but besides that she is fully functional she can walk and open doors just not speak. The doctors say she could talk if she wanted to but the stubborn little thing only screams and cries. I go into the living room and flop into the soft green couch I daze off before I can turn on the TV. I am awoken by a Cecilia's screams of terror I run to her room and turn on the lights. She is sitting up with her black hair sticking to her head with sweat.
"Oh Cecilia whats rong!"
"Cecilia did you just speak?"
"Mama hurts"
"What hurts Cecilia?"

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