Hear me out, dudes

Chapter 1


by: CaughtUp
I mean like, Kevin likes Angelina. I GET IT. But why does Kevin need to express it in every way? I used to hang out with him everyday, we chatted, we hung out. I was fine with everything, he was alright. But then, he started to like Angelina. He won't even let me borrow his fan.

When I ask, it's like: "Can I borrow your fan, please?"
He's like: "No way"

And when Angelina asks: "Hey, give me your fan"
He's like: "Of course"

WTF?? He's like, my best guy friend! And like, Angelina flirts with basically everyone in our class. I just don't understand her problem. When she's nice, she's REALLY nice. She's okay, but when she's annoying, she's REALLY annoying. She thinks she's the queen of the world, just because Kevin likes her.

When we do dodgeball, he throws it hard to everyone, and throws it softly to her. Actually, he doesn't even throw it to her! That is so unfair. Also, we were choosing teams. Kevin and my friend, Katherine were picking the dodgeball teams. I almost automatically walked to Kevin's side because he always picks me.

But suddenly, he glares at me and he's like: Look, I'm not going to pick you. EVER. I'd rather pick someone else. My jaw nearly dropped. And that second, he picks Angelina. I'm like: WTH, what's wrong with him?

I mean, I'm not jealous. No one is. We were really okay with everything. Until dodgeball.....Like, my friend Wanda, didn't get hit by the ball. Kevin was like: YOUR OUT. But when Angelina gets hit, Kevin's like: SHE'S NOT OUT

Also, I just miss the days when everything used to be normal. I've talked with my friend Wanda, and believe me, EVERYONE is annoyed. Wanda basically admitted that Angelina liked Kevin more than her crush. If that's true, why don't they just go out together?

It really annoyed us so much and Kevin doesn't even notice that! He used to always chat with me and Wanda, until Angelina comes along.... It's not her fault. I don't blame anyone. I'm just annoyed by how stuff can change so easily. Especially because of 'love'.

I never thought that love would be this annoying. Also, even though it's not concluded with me. If this is going to happen, the things between Kevin and Angelina, I just wish that they could QUIT at dodgeball. I don't mean that. I meant that Kevin just quit fooling around.

We're not adults. We're children. We don't know love. How come he acts like he knows it, and acts like he thinks that it doesn't annoy us? Wanda clearly said that if she met Kevin and was allowed to say this, she would say: What the heck are you, an adult? Stop being so idiotic and notice that you've lost your true friends. But it's alright, cause you've got only one person on your side. Angelina. Look, if your going to continue acting like this, just please do it secretly.

I got less annoyed by writing this. I was really frusturated by the way Kevin treated me and my friends. But not to Angelina. It's like, really discrimination. And I hate that. I don't mind love, I know how Kevin feels. I understand him, cause he told me his secrets before. Until Angelina........ She says that, she will never like Kevin in another way of like 'only friends'

This is really long writing, and I expressed all of my feelings into this. I was really annoyed at first. Now I'm really.... Disappointed? No, disappointed. I can't believe Kevin would treat us like that. Especially treating me and Wanda like we were his worst enemy when we were his best FRIENDS.

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