Please Read :)

Chapter 1

Hello. :)

Okay, so, I have some news that I thought you all should know..................... I am cutting down on my Quibblo hours!

As most of you probably have noticed, I'm online almost all day everyday, which is not so good... I mean, I have a family, a large family actually, I have 5 siblings. I also have lots and lots of pets, and lately I've just been on my computer, and not spending time with my family.

I love all of you, very much, but Quibblo has just been, well, not so good for me you could say... I get all these thoughts in my head of suicide and cutting and such, and yeah, I don't like those thoughts.

I also need to be spending more of my summer outdoors instead of parked in front of my lappie 24/7. I mean, it's really basically my life, and that HAS GOT to change, I mean, God should be first, NOT my computer... I have to start reading the bible more often, and doing some more praying and such.

Please remember that no matter what, I love you all, yes, ALL! I will most defiantly get on everyday, just not for hours and hours, so please feel free to keep on messaging me and sending me invites, I will do my best to answer/take them.

So, I thought you all might like to know, so, there. :) I love you all, and thanks for listening and understanding.



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