20 facts about me

Hey...read this if you want.

Chapter 1

Stuff about me

1. I'm not really a people person.

2. I enjoy making things out of duct tape.

3. Music is my life.

4. My cat is one of my best friends.

5. I love dark chocolate.

6. I wish the world wasn't so polluted and ruined by humans

7. Once I got caught in a wave in the ocean and was underwater for a really long time.

8. I like to write scary poems.

9. My favorite time of day is the night, and I like to lie awake in my bed.

10. I mostly pick dare in truth or dare.

11. The first time I got an F was in fourth grade on a book report.

12. I have about 21 different colors of nail polish.

13. I have 14 colors of duct tape

14. I'm only scared of spiders, snakes, needles, and getting old/death.

15. I'm the oldest child.

16. I love reading and writing.

17. I'm pretty creative.

18. I collect stickers and have one full door (Back and front) covered in stickers.

19. I used to collect state quarters, but I gave up on that.

20. I'm sarcastic a lot.


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