Why One Direction Is NOT Better Than The BEATLES

Chapter 1

Credit goes to Lizzyella

by: 68687
I come across these assumptions every now and then made by ‘directioners’ saying how they are much better than The Beatles.

But is it true? No. Who writes these things? Not people who know a lot about The Beatles!

I will go ahead and assume a ‘directioner’ wrote this:O


1. The Beatles weren’t on X-factor.

2. One Direction calls Simon Cowell ‘uncle Simon’. John Lennon hasn’t even met Simon. ‘

For a starter, X-factor didn’t exist back in the sixties. Come one, people. What happened to the logic? Besides, TV wasn’t used as frequently as it is today. The world’s population was aboutt 3 billion in the sixties. Today, we’re about 7 billion. And obviously, The Beatles didn’t need to be on a TV-show to gain their worldwide fame.

John Lennon wouldn’t give a rats ass about this Simon guy. And by stating that, is like saying Simon is better or more successful than John. Even more, dare I say it, important than John is. It sounds like John should be sorry for not having the pleasure to meet this Simon. Simon was only 19 years old when John was shot! LET ME TELL YOU ALL SOMETHING, IT’S SIMON’S LOSS.

Still, all the ‘directioners’ believe this stuff. One Direction tried out for X-Factor on their own but they were not good enough, so Simon Cowell put them together into a boy band.THEY DIDN’T KNOW EACHOTHER BEFORE X-FACTOR and they DID NOT WORK THEIR WAY UP. George and Paul were schoolbuddies. Paul and John met after Paul watched him perform in 57. They were all from Liverpool and they spent months in Hamburg working hour after hour busting their asses of on stage. They really wanted to go somewhere and they have proven to hat you don’t need to go to expensive schools to actually make it. THEY DESERVE THEIR FAME. ONE DIRECTION DO NOT - even though they’re not nearly as famous as The Beatles were (and still are).

One Direction are not better than The Beatles. They are not revolutionary and they’re just following the path The Beatles once helped create. The Beatles represent the sixties and is a part of history. Their music is about 40-50 years old, yet millions of people are still listening to them - young and old.

I saw this post that said ‘One Direction’s first single sold more than The Beatles first single’. Sure, that may be true. But they’re not alone with that. I bet a lot of people have done that but what I don’t get is what they’re trying to say with it. Does that make One Direction better? Does that make One Direction revolutionary? UHM, NO. Just listen to the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album - which is considered to be THE best album of all time (according to Rolling Stone magazine, check it out for yourself). One Direction will never top that. TO DO SO, THEY NEED TALENT AND CREATIVITY. Both of which they do not possess.

Niall can play the guitar, Harry can play the kazoo, Zayne can play the triangle, Louis can play the piano, and Liam can play the piano and guitar. Okay. So first of all, the kazoo and a triangle. I can play those instruments and I’m not talented at f all so that proves about nothing. The other guys play instruments, okay. But I’ve seen pictures and gifs all around tumblr while they’ve been performing live and there have not been a single instrument in sight. So even if they do know how to play an instrument, they’re obviously not using their skills.

Some of their hits with songwriters:
What Makes You Beautfiful - Carl Falk, Rami Yacoub and Savan Kotecha

Gotta Be You - August Rigo och Steve Mac

One Thing - Rami Yacoub, Carl Falk och Savan Kotecha

More Than This - Jamie Scott

I Wish - Carl Falk, Rami Yacoub and Savan Kotecha

I Want - Tom Fletcher

Tell Me A Lie - Kelly Clarkson, Tom Meredith and Shep Soloman

Their biggest hits were not written by themselves. I could not find songs that they have written or co-written but isn’t it obvious that they lack of writing skills? The songs I’ve heard are all about love and some girl. Not that they even wrote them.. If someone knows anything about The Beatles, they’re going to say something like “the songs on Please, Please Me didn’t have very meaningful lyrics and that was their first album” or something. There are 14 songs on this album, 8 of them were written by McCartney-Lennon. The other songs were covers. Let me remind you that having someone else write your songs and doing a cover are two completely different things. According to Stephen Thomas Erlewine of Allmusic, “Decades after its release, the album still sounds fresh”, the covers are “impressive” and the originals “astonishing”. About the meaningful lyrics stuff, they are nothing like the later songs but they were still good and nice to listen to. Some of my favorites from that album that also are written by them are Ask Me Why and There’s A Place. A famous one from there is I Saw Her Standing There. I don’t think you can compare anything The Beatles did to what One Direction did. Especially not the songs. Let’s say early One Direction songs and early Beatles songs have about the same meaning. About love and stuff. But The Beatles wrote their songs which makes them superior.



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