(Twisted) Hogwarts Love Story

Name: Isabella Lynette Rossthen
Looks: Straight jet black hair and icy blue eyes
Age: 13
Year: Third year
Status: Pureblood
Family: Dad, Alex (8) and Artemis (2)
Friends: Just Elizabeth for now (or beth or liz)
Personality: Determined, brave, persuasive, intelligent, outgoing, has temper.

Chapter 1

Spell? (Prolouge)

That day was no ordinary day. I remember it clearly like it was just yesterday. It all seemed impossible back then. Like it was merely nothing but a dream. But it happened. It all started when and Elizabeth (my best friend) were going through a short-cut. Just then we heard a scream. My and Liz ran to the sound. I saw an ugly looking boy with his gang hurting a little kid about 7 years old. I reconized the boy from a class in my school he was......a 9th grader. At the point I didn't care he punched the little boy and he burst into tears. "Stop that!" I yelled from behind a fat tree. The boy smirked, looked up then his head spun around. He swiftly kicked the boy in the stomach. That did it. I climbed a short tree then gracefully jumped down inches away from the bully. I punched him in the nose. "You f-" He didn't get to finish I shoved him to the ground and put my foot on him in victory. "Oh no you don't." He hollered and yanked my foot to the gound. I fell down and winced. I heard the gang running away and I saw Beth wiping her hands on her jeans. She looked at me and cringed. "Here let me help you." She said extending her hand. I took it. "Thanks." I murmered. I looked around confused. Beth saw this. "Whats- wait.....where's the boy?" "Thats what I was wondering." I looked up and saw the boy on the highest branch of a HUGE tree. "Hey! How did you get there?!" I shrieked. I thought I was one of the best tree climbers yet I couldn't climb THAT high. It was soo unbelieveable. There was a really big bare spot that had no branches before the branch he was sitting on. "He couldn't have climbed that." I thought to myself. I noticed the boy was still crying. "I don't know!" he sobbed. "I was on the ground then I was here when you grabbed a twig." He added pointing to me. "I did grab a twig" I remebered. Without thinking I shouted the weird chant I had said during the fight still holding the twig. "Wingarduim Leviosa!" To my suprise the leaf my twig was pointing to lifted above the ground. The three of us gasped. I raised it higher and higher. Then I dropped the twig and sure enough the leaf fell to the ground. "It's magic!" The boy screeched. I eyed the boy, then realized what I had to do. Without giving a second thought. I grabbed the twig, pointed it to the boy and screamed "Wingarduim Leviosa!" After some time of the boy being in the air and slowly drifting down he reached the ground. "Wow." I whispered then sprinted away with my 'wand'. When I reached my house I read all I could about spells on my computer. When I was about to close my laptop a site caught my eye. I read a paragraph and it said the first spell you learn in the way to becoming a witch/wizard is the spell I had casted. In a second the website was gone. I searched the exact same thing and the site never appeared again. It didn't matter though. I knew I was a...............witch.

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