Song Shuffle Scenarios

I find these thing fun to do, so I made a story out of it.

Sorry, if it repeats artists a lot.

Chapter 1

Life Story

Opening Credits: The Silence - Mayday Parade

Waking Up: Listen Up - Falling In Reverse

First Day: Don't Mess With Ouija Boards - Falling In Reverse

Falling In Love: Tigers And Sharks - You Me At Six

Fight Song: Five Ninety - Blessthefall

Breaking Up: Happy The Hard Way - Every Avenue

Life's Okay: Immaculate Misconception - Motionless In White

Getting Back Together: Life Of The Party - A Rocket To The Moon

Wedding: Mindset - Every Avenue

Birth Of Child: Hey Baby, Here's That Song You Wanted - Blessthefall

Final Battle: Everything About You - Kids In The Street

Death Scene: Violent Kiss - Eyes Set To Kill

Funeral Song: A Single Moment Of Sincerity - Asking Alexandria

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