Broken Angels of the Dream: The Tale of Chasity Aura Carlson

Broken Angels of the Dream: The Tale of Chasity Aura Carlson

What if your whole life was a lie? What if your family just kept feeding you lies after lies? How would you react if one day, a strange man came up to you, telling you that there's others like you and that you and the "others" must join forces in order to stop an evil that has risen up again? In this story, Chasity experiences the pain of lies, loses, and drama but also experiences the happiness of true friendship, hope, and love.

Chapter 3


After walking for about 15 minutes, I finally saw my high school in view, it wasn't what you would picture your average school to look like. My school was round with architectural features you don't see in many places anymore. The stone of the school is a dark dark grey while the accent pieces of brick are a lighter brown that seems to complement the stone nicely. The only thing normal looking about this school is the US flag hanging high and proud in the air as it flows in the air due to the slight breeze of this morning and the sign that says Welcome to Torsion High, Home of the Waves.

Gripping the straps of my backpack, I slowly and quietly made my way through the entrance of the school and walked around the right curve and kept walking until I came across my locker that was in between the library and the cafeteria. Opening my locker after doing the combination of 34-22-4, I grabbed my first period books, which was English 11, so I had two books for that class, my literature book and the grammar book. After grabbing the books, I grabbed my big blue and white trapper keeper and then closed my locker, locking it back up.


I spun around to see who was calling my name and saw my best friend, Gordon or Gordy for short running over to me, his shaggy black hair flopping up and down, hiding his stormy grey eyes. Within seconds, he reached me and grinned that silly grin that has became his signature and famous smile in this school.

"Good Morning Chas."

I chuckled gently and nodded, "Morning Gordy.. Not late today I see."

Rolling his eyes he chuckled, "Nope, dad dropped me off since I stayed at his place last night instead of my grandmother's."

Gordy's mom died two years ago, just after his parents got a divorce and dad lost the rights to him due to an alcohol problem so he lived with his grandma and his dad just a few months ago decided to drop into his life again.

I smiled gently before I questioned, "Well how was it?"

Shrugging, he heaved out a sigh, "Fine," Gordy then paused and answered completely, "he's really trying to get better Chas, at least that's what he's making it seem like."

I nodded and smiled, "Well people can change."

Gordy nodded and went to his locker that was next to mine, as it always has been since our freshmen year and grabbed his English books and binder before looking over at me, "Well just another day."

Bobbing my head in a form of a yes, I gave my half smile and looked at the clock, "Well it's 10 to 8.. we should head to class.. Hallway traffic you know."

Sighing, Gordy nodded grumbling, "Fine party pooper."

Rolling my sea foam green eyes, I grabbed his wrist and dragged him around the curve until we found ourselves at the English 11 room, room 12A before strolling inside to see practically all of 25 students there already give or take a few. We took a seat in our normal desks, right by the windows on the left curve of the room before our teacher, Ms. Robeson or how we call her Ms. Ruby due to her bright red lipstick she wears every day came strutting in, looking the same as always, bright red lipstick smacked up against her lips, orange skin from all her times fake baking, hair up in a tight bun that it was obvious she used to much hairspray and a tight leather dress, one size too small showing everything she owned. Yet the guys, well most of the guys, still seemed to love her. Her sickly sweet voice began talking just as the final bell at 8 o'clock rang,

"Who's not here today?"

Peering around the room, Rick Struve raised his pasty freckled hand and spoke with a dreamy look to his cadet blue eyes, "Natasha, Vince and Isaac aren't here today Ms. Robeson."

The girls in the classroom, including me snickered quietly as Rick glared at all of us, before shooting our teacher a charming smile, well charming smile for Rick that is. Ms. Ruby nodded and tapped into her computer before sending the attendance to the principle and looked up at us, her lips puckered as she thought out loud,

"Today we'll be reading...."

And the long, boring lecture of English today began. 30 minutes into the lecture, a small freshmen girl with long auburn hair and wide deep chocolate brown eyes came hustling into our room. Some of the guys whistled at her, causing a deep crimson crush to appear across her cheeks as Ms. Robeson glared at them before smiling at the girl,

"What can I do for you."

Stuttering, the girl looked around the room, "I-I h-have a... a pass for.. C-Chasity."

The teacher raised her eyebrows and peered over at me. I raised my hand and looked at the freshmen, "I'm Chasity."

She scurried over to me and gently handed me the green slip that was the pass and I nodded whispering, "Thank you."

The girl then scurried out of the class room, getting left behind by wolf whistle from the boys again and I peered down at the note.

8:32, please go to the girl's bathroom.

Blinking I looked up at the clock to see it was time and stood up, "Um Ms. Rub-Robeson, I have to go to the bathroom." Waving the pass to her, she nodded and I looked over to Gordy, who shrugged gently and I then took off to the girl's bathroom, confused and not familiar with the fact that I have a pass for a bathroom that came from the office...

Within a few minutes, I reached the bathroom and cautiously walking inside only to see a not so familiar, tall (about 7'3) man with wavy dark dark brown hair that seemed to be styled on his head to make him look like he had horns coming out. Spinning around, a wicked but kind smile appeared across his face as his gold eyes seemed to dance with enjoyment

"Hello Chasity..."

He was definitely unfamiliar.

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