Broken Angels of the Dream: The Tale of Chasity Aura Carlson

Broken Angels of the Dream: The Tale of Chasity Aura Carlson

What if your whole life was a lie? What if your family just kept feeding you lies after lies? How would you react if one day, a strange man came up to you, telling you that there's others like you and that you and the "others" must join forces in order to stop an evil that has risen up again? In this story, Chasity experiences the pain of lies, loses, and drama but also experiences the happiness of true friendship, hope, and love.

Chapter 2


Surrounded by a darkness that kept on spreading, I tried to keep running while my heart raced and my body shook, I kept running with the darkness getting closer and closer with every step I took. I knew I was going to be a goner, a goner at 16 and there was no one here to help me.

I turned a corner and sprinted into the dark alley, unsure where I was going and to be honest unsure why I was running, for some reason I just felt.. scared. I was scared of that darkness that was lurking behind me, chasing me. Falling to the ground all of a sudden, I groaned in pain as my elbow popped.

"Who are you?"

Turning around, my elbow aching, I looked up to see a boy with bright, like blinding bright blue eyes, golden blonde hair and sunkissed tan skin. He was around my age and I stuttered, my body full of nerves, "C.Chasity."

Peering into my faded sea foam green eyes, the boy nodded, "Well Chasity, my name is Guy Kelly, but I just go by Guy."

Pushing my long hair out of my face, the earrings I was wearing were revealed and Guy's eyes widened, "That symbol.. you're.. one."

My small half smile fell and I stuttered, "O-One?"

Quickly pulling up his sleeve of his shirt, a bracelet with the same design as my earrings was on the bracelet. He looked up at me and smiled, "You're one of us. I'll see you soon Chasity."

With that he disappeared.

I woke up with a start, my breathing and heart beats were unsteady as I slowly sat up, rubbing my eyes, breathing in and out through my nose shaking my head then muttering,

"Darn imagination and thoughts."

Slowly, I climbed out of bed and got ready for the day by showering, brushing my long coffee with cream colored hair, dressing in a pair of faded denim jeans and a long baby blue sleeved shirt and finished my daily routine by brushing my teeth, putting a splash of cucumber melon body spray on and putting on my deodorant.

Once I did finish, I walked down to the breakfast nook, where I found breakfast on the table and my mom and dad relaxing side by side, talking and drinking their normal Italian coffee just like every morning.

Smiling my half smile, I took my seat and looked at my parents, "Morning dad and mom."

Looking up from their coffee, my dad and mom smiled, their eyes sparkling as they spoke at the same time, "Morning Chasity."

I chuckled gently and piled eggs, sausage, hash browns, and toast on my plate before digging into my breakfast. While taking a huge gulp of orange juice, my dad asked,

"How'd you sleep?"

I looked up shrugging, "I had this dream.. that I was being chased by a darkness.. and then ran into a guy named well Guy, who said after seeing my earrings, I was one."

My mom chuckled gently shaking her head, "Always the one with an imagination Chasity, just like your father here, Jake, I need to talk to you into the kitchen."

Dad nodded and stood up from his spot as mom stood up. The two of them kissed my forehead before walking into the kitchen. Aware of the fact that they were probably talking about me and my imagination again, I stopped eating and listened carefully.

"Jake, we can't keep hiding this from her, she's going to find out soon.. she's 16 now and you said-"

Dad ended up cutting my mom off with a snap, "I know Lorene, but she's not ready. It's better if we keep it like this."

My mom heaved out a sigh and said, "It's been 25 years Jake.. you know what that means."

I could hear the tiredness in my dad's voice again, "I know.. but maybe it won't happen this time, maybe it will be another 25 years."

My mom's voice grew quieter as I could barely hear what she said, "But we both know that's not likely."

Standing up from my seat as I quickly finished eating, unable to hear the rest, I yelled, "I'm walking to school now! Be back at 3:30 or so!"

Slipping on my rain jacket, pulling my backpack over my left shoulder and then putting on my black and green asics sneakers, I walked out of the door and headed to school in the rain with just me and my imagination.

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