Beta ~Original Story~

After a failed mission, the government needs a new team to defeat the crime boss of Jacobi. However the two surviving teammates get a surprise when they meet their new team.

Chapter 7

Geraldo Harrison: The Big Reveal

by: Cam12
I walked down the hall next to Terrance. "They all should be here," I explained, "I don't know if they all will show up, but the ones that do should be here.'

Terrance smirked a little bit. It has been so long since are last mission, and I can pretty much tell that he can't wait to get revenge. "So these are the best?" asked Terrance as he walked up to the sound proof door.

The room we had just reached was all white. A big brown door stood separating us from the warehouse, inside would be our new team. There was a giant glass window separating the rooms as well but i knew Terrance wouldn't look through it because he wanted to see the team firsthand when he first meet them.

"Well actually, these are not the best. The best were.... um well..... our old team was the best in the Nation, but these guys are a close second," I explained.

"Let me just see them," Terrance griped. I opened the heavy metal door a lead him into the room with the new recruits. Inside all the girls were sitting at a table while the guys were s[read out through the room.

Terrance's eyes watered. "Ok, very funny Geraldo, now where are the actual recruits," he asked. I knew this was going to happen. That is why I delivered the letters, he would have noticed that they were all children.

"These are the recruits," I answered. He looked around the room at all the young faces.

"May I speak with you in the hallway," requested Terrance. I followed him into the hallway. He didn't speak until the heavy door closed completely. "They are all children," he screamed.

"Well not all of them. The sniper is nineteen. She is legally an adult," I answered.

"Barely and adult. How are these the second best when there are many adults doing these out there doing these... "jobs" professionally," he questioned.

"They are fully capable..." I started.

"They are defiantly not capable. They won't be able to pass the exam," he protested.

"No one can pass that thing. We are the only to people left he have ever passed it. If we train these children, then they can pass. Children are more open to learning then adults are," I explained. Terrance however wasn't buying it at all.

"What happens if they don't pass Geraldo, what are we going to do then," screamed Terrance. He calmed his voice down and added, "we need all these spots, or we won't succeed."

I thought for a moment. Terrance wanted adults, people with more experience. But an adult is harder to teach. They have there methods, and we can't change that. An adult can also easily be a spy, and we can't afford that.

"Then I'll make sure they will pass," I answered. I then aslked back into the room to welcome our new guests.

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