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After a failed mission, the government needs a new team to defeat the crime boss of Jacobi. However the two surviving teammates get a surprise when they meet their new team.

Chapter 3

Azalia Carter - Everything is Lost

by: Bastille
I sat, huddled against the building, silently crying. It was raining outside, and I had no shelter, food, water, or anything. I was in a marketplace, watching people, silently observing them, with my stomach loudly complaining. I fingered the, now soaked, letter that I had received from the mysterious man who had saved me.

It had only been a couple of hours since The Incident. The thought of it brought back a fresh wave of pain, but it was too late, I was already re-living the memory.

~ A few hours ago ~

"Are we there yet? Are we there yet? How about now? How much longer?" My sister, Aster, and I had been waiting to arrive at our house. We were on our way back from our vacation, and we just wanted to get home.

"SHUT UP!" My brother, Blake, screeched. "I'm trying to get past this level on my game! You guys are so annoying, can't you not bug me for once?!"

"Take a chill pill! We were just messing with mom and dad!" Yelled Aster.

"Why are you so stupid? Can't you just wait until we get home to start blabbering? At least then I can lock myself in my room and ignore your idiocy!"

"Blake, stop it! There's a nicer way to ask your sisters to stop," chuckled my mom.

Our family was an interesting one, but we all loved each other a lot. Aster, Blake, and I, were all triplets, but we didn't always get along. Blake was considered, 'normal' at school; he was into sports, was popular, and he was pretty much one of the main jocks of third grade.

Aster and I, however, kind of came of as creepy, because we could predict what the other was going to say, and often said the things in unison. (It was actually a simple trick that we used to freak people out, not really anything like, 'triplet-telepathy'.)

I was considered even creepier than Aster, because I was really good at sneaking up on people, and hiding. I could often scare people really badly, because I would hide, them pop out right in front of them as they passed. It helped that I had a small stature and I was incredibly flexible; I was always able to fit into smaller spaces than anyone else that I knew.

Plus, we were named after flowers, and not typical names like, 'Rose' or 'Daisy', we had rather unique names. I was named after an Azalea, but my mom wanted to make my name a teensy bit more unique, so she spelled it with an 'i' in place of the 'e'.

"We're almost home, just hang on-" started my dad, but suddenly, all of the windows of our Toyota Prius were blown inwards.

I screamed as glass shards pierced my skin, desperately trying to protect my face. I buried my head in between my knees as the car tumbled down a hill.

I felt Aster's small body go limp beside mine, and desperately prayed that she was just unconscious and not... dead.

The car rolled to a stop, and I suddenly felt heat. I snapped my head up as looked around, both my parents and my siblings were not moving, but still breathing, and there was fire surrounding our car.

I screamed for help, and immediately inhaled a lot of smoke. I started coughing and gagging, and I climbed over Blake, trying not to step on him. I unlocked the door and weakly tried opening it. After a few tries, it finally opened, and I flung myself out of the car, dropping onto the ground and rolling to a stop.

I turned around and stripped off the jacket I was wearing. I was eight, but I knew how to get rid of a fire! I flung the jacket onto the ground in front of the car and jumped on it, putting out the fire in the area on the right side of the car.

I unbuckled Blake, and pulled him out of the car, dragging him to a safe distance. I did the same for Aster and my mom, then grabbed the charred jacket and put in near the driver's door. I yanked on my dad, he was heavier than everyone else, and I was weak and tired from doing the same for all of my other family members. It was a strike of luck that I got my dad to where everyone else was at.

Unfortunately, neither of my parents' phones survived, and I was unable to call for help. My throat was scratchy and burning from all of the smoke and screaming, and I was exhausted. I collapsed next to my family, and breathed heavily, glad to have pure oxygen.

Suddenly, I heard shouts and a gunshot. Seconds later, a bullet hit a tree not too far away from where I was laying. I started crying even harder and shook my parents and siblings, desperate to wake them up and get out of here. The shouts got louder, and I turned around to see what was happening. Three men wearing large trench coats and hats that covered their faces were rushing at me and my family.

I sobbed as I took one last look at each of my sweet, unconscious family members, then, I got up and ran as fast as I could.

All of a sudden, a pair of strong, burly arms wrapped around my waist, and lifted me into the air. I screamed, kicked, punched, and struggled, wanting just to go back to my normal life. I couldn't see anything through my tears, but I saw a figure hurtling at me. I suddenly tumbled to the ground, and I stood up, wiping away my tears. A man that was at least three times the size of my skinny, underweight frame, had knocked the creep that had been holding me unconscious. He grunted and gave me a look that said, 'Run!' as he was ambushed by the two other guys. I saw that they had already shoved my family members into a van, and that there was nothing that I could do, so I turned around and sprinted away as fast as I could.

I ducked behind the first building that I found, and I prayed for my family and the man that had just saved me. After what felt like an eternity, I felt a hand gently touch my shoulder. My eyes snapped open and I screamed, swinging out at whoever had touched me.

The man easily dodged my blow, and I recognized him as the one who had helped me. I stopped screaming, and took a good look at him. He had dark skin and a buzz-cut, and, though he had large sunglasses covering much of his face, the way that he crouched, relaxed, yet tensed in case anyone attacked him, made me feel safe. He looked at me as if I were his own child, and he wanted to protect me no matter what. I couldn't help it, it felt good to see someone who cared about me, so I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him.

He gently pulled away after a few moments, and handed me a letter, smiling kindly, before stepping away and then turning and running. I cried out and got up, trying to spot him, but he was no where to be seen. I slowly opened the letter.

And that's where I am now. It had slowly begun to rain as soon as I had opened that letter. Printed on it in thick letters was:

Azalia D. Carter
Meet at Warehouse 7, at Nineteen Hundred, tomorrow
We're glad to have you on the team

And here I sat, in the pouring rain. I was a wreck. I was sobbing on the street while it rained, my hair sticking to me in wet clumps, and my clothes all soggy and dripping. My shoes squelched with water, and my stomach grumbled. I clutched a piece of paper as if it were my most valued possession; anyone who saw me would think I was insane. But they didn't know my story. I just wanted to go home! I wanted to wake up and think that this was all a dream, and that my family was fine! I mean, spies didn't really exist anyway, right? But deep down, I knew that this was all real, and that there was no point in denying it. Tomorrow I should just go to the Warehouse, if I could find it, that is, and just start a new life.

Tomorrow. That rung a bell. Tomorrow was my birthday! I would turn nine! But so would Aster and Blake.

A fresh wave of sobs shook my body and I tried to stop. I wiped away my tears and decided to find food. I hated doing this, but I didn't have a choice; I had to steal food.

I quickly snuck up behind the cart with the fresh loaves of bread. While the women tried to sell some to a potential customer, I snuck a loaf and hungrily devoured it in my little hiding place. I didn't care that the bread was wet and soggy, it still tasted amazing. I wasn't in a very good hiding place, but thanks to my small size, I blended into the shadows pretty well.

After I had finished eating, I watched the busy flow of people for a while, before deciding to sleep. I curled into a ball, and once it had stopped raining, I looked at the beautiful stars above. As I nodded off, I looked at the stars one last time, and made a wish.

Please make sure my family is alright, and that I'll see them again someday. Please...

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