Beta ~Original Story~

After a failed mission, the government needs a new team to defeat the crime boss of Jacobi. However the two surviving teammates get a surprise when they meet their new team.

Chapter 1

Terrance McCord: A Penny Drop

by: Cam12
It was a simple mission. All we had to do was disable a bomb and Jacobi was ours. But it was a risky mission we soon found out, and we it could change with the smallest variation. Something no one would have thought of.

Our mission had all changed just because of a penny dropped.


"This is Spy. How is Scout doing," I called through the radio. Our mission was going smoothly, we were all inside Jacobi's headquarters. We all were in position. Taking out each henchmen one at a time.

I cloaked myself with the invisibility cloak we had invented earlier. I snuck past every guard in my way without any confrontation. The rest of my group soon caught up to me. All six of us in one small room.

Our team was made had one specialist for each category. We had a bomber, a medic, a scout, a mechanic, a sniper and me a spy. "Ok two rooms over is where the bomb is," said our scout.

"That won't be so hard. We have made it this far," replied our sniper with a smirk. He has always been full of himself.

"You guys remember the plan right," asked our doctor. "Spy will go into the room cloaked with the Scout nearby. Sniper and Bomber will climb up onto the catwalk and take out any threats. Once all threats are neutralized then Mechanic and I will make our ways to the bomb to disable it."

We all nodded in agreement. We all needed the recap. No need to mess-up on our final mission. I turned on my cloak and covered Scout to hide us both. We ran out into the open to find that were a lot more guards then we thought.

There had o be a hundred. Everywhere we looked there was a guard. We looked up at the Catwalk to see Bomber and Sniper with their mouths wide open. We can't just take out one at a time. Someone would notice.

Bomber took action and threw a smoker into the room. Scout and I put on our special headgear to see through all the smog. The Guards were freaking out running in all directions.

We heard a few shots from the Sniper knowing she took out her targets. I also heard a couple flash bangs which again I knew harming some guards. I uncloaked myself and Scout and we both ran out tripping and fighting more guards.

The smog started to clear up and we saw a clear number of how many guards were left. Out of the hundred guards there were only ten left. They didn't call us Alpha's for nothing.

I signaled for Doctor and Mechanic to come in to disable the bomb. The two ran in and straight up to the bomb. Our engineer got right to work. All of a sudden we heard a penny drop.

Like it was an instinct, we all turn our heads and each one of us got a mouthful of club. I tried getting up but was forced to the ground by two goons. I was drug to a missile and was tied with the engineer.

Scout and Doctor were tied to a different missile while Bomber and Sniper were tied to the other. I saw a guard pull out a red button. He pressed it and Scout and Doctor were launched into the air. The explosion in the distance was hard to bare.

Again the guard pushed the red button launching Sniper and Bomber into the air. Next was us. I frantically tried hitting the teleport button on my watch with my nose but all it did was give me a headache.

I continually slammed my head onto my wrist until I heard a small metal sound hit the ground. I looked down to see some screws and bolt, and my partner with a smirk on his face. The next thing I knew was that the rocket shot into the air without the bottom.

I hit the invisibility cloak button and we were out of there. Once we reached outside I fell to my knees and screamed at the sky. Skylar, Benny, Francisco, and Sarah were all gone because of a penny

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